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How To Navigate Imposter Syndrome As A Business Owner

Updated: Jan 20

Conversation with Dawn Vason

Do you struggle with imposter syndrome?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re starting over or you are seriously doubting if you can do whatever it is you are working towards right now, then get comfy my friend because this episode’s for you!

My guest today is Dawn Vason, a yoga teacher and a certified life coach who helps people create healthy habits while finding authenticity and happiness.

She shares so much in this conversation and I know you’re going to love it. We talk about navigating tech issues, feeling like she was starting over 4 different times and dealing with imposter syndrome. We cover it all!

It’s a great episode to listen to and keep on hand as you continue to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Ready? Let’s dig in and hear from Dawn!

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #134). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Imposter syndrome

"Imposter syndrome popped up immediately for me: 'How dare you think that you can build a membership site? You are JUST beginning your career as a yoga teacher. How dare you think you're ready for this?'" - Dawn Vason

When we start to navigate a territory that we're unfamiliar with, it can get scary and we can easily fall into that scarcity mindset. When this happens, it can help to remind yourself that:

  • It doesn't have to be perfect

  • It doesn't have to be polished and pretty

  • It's going to get messy, and that's okay.

"The biggest obstacle for me was building my personal belief around the fact that this is something that I was capable of doing, I was ready to do it, I had the credentials to do it, and it would grow from where it started. And being okay with the process of that." - Dawn Vason

Tips from Dawn to navigate imposter syndrome:

1. Find your authenticity. Embrace your weird! You don't have to be like everyone else. Showing up as yourself will attract the people that are looking for YOU.

2. Use your tools. Remember your personal practice. Try affirmations. Breath work. Move through it on your mat.

3. Get your journal and spend time reflecting on those feelings. Ask yourself: Where is this coming from? Why do I have this feeling that I am not worthy of something that I've spent hundreds of hours studying and practicing? Do the introspective work.

4. Embrace the fear and move forward. Know that nerves are prana flowing through your body. Don't let those scary feelings paralyze you from taking action. Use that energy, that momentum, and keep moving (even if it's tiny steps forward). Action will lead to a stronger sense of confidence.

"You're good enough exactly the way you are. Now just go do it!" - Dawn Vason

Ups and downs in your business

"We all go through these ebs and flows of trying to figure things out." - Dawn Vason

Remember that it's all a journey; it's not a destination. Everything is constantly changing. As things shift, it's empowering to know that we can pivot. We can adjust with the changes and roll with the punches!

Obviously the pandemic is one example of a big shift, but other things regularly happen in life that can change your business. Since we can only see so far ahead, take it bit by bit.

"They say that something drastic happens in your life every 6 months to almost all people. Something happens that changes the way you look at things, the way your life is, and there comes a point where we decide - are we going to allow it to deter us from what we set out to do? Or are we going to embrace this, learn from it, and run with it?" - Dawn Vason

"Rolling with it" doesn't always mean pushing forward. Sometimes "rolling with it" means giving ourselves grace and allowing ourselves to pause.

"For me, I did the best I could with the resources that I had and learned from the process." - Dawn Vason

Dealing with tech issues as a business owner

"This is all a part of the process. In a few years I'll look back on this and say 'remember when this happened and you didn't know what platform to use?' But I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't super discouraged." - Dawn Vason

If you're working online, frustration with technology is an unavoidable part of the process!

Sometimes we have to get scrappy in our business. We all feel the feels when things go wrong. But then you have to get up and try again.

It happened to me not too long ago (and I recorded a podcast about it). I had recorded hours and hours of content for a course and when I looked back at the footage, it was fuzzy and I couldn't use any of it. I had to redo all of it.

Even though I didn't want to redo that content, when I look back at it now, my words were so much more compassionate. I had just gone through something really hard and I was able to approach it from a more empathetic angle. And in the end, it worked out for the better.

When tech frustrations happen, ask yourself: What can I do to keep moving forward?

If that doesn't help, then put it away for a day. Step back and take a break. Then you can come back to it and work out the kinks when you're ready.

"I've shifted my view of failure. Though it may look and feels like a failed experiment, when we release our attachment to it, it becomes something that flows so easily. I didn't realize me letting go of everything would bring me exactly what I needed." - Dawn Vason

You’re not alone

"Yes, we all have these bouts of imposter syndrome. Yes, we all experience tech issues of some sort. We all have these issues and we feel like we're so alone and it feels like an isolated event, but it's not. We're all experiencing this." - Dawn Vason

We always see the top of the iceberg when we look at other people's businesses. We don’t see all the messy stuff in the middle of someone else’s story.

Part of success is going through those painful moments and figuring out how to navigate through it all. It comes down to how much we believe in ourselves that we can get through it. As a yoga teacher, you have a huge benefit because you have the tools to deal with this! Use your yoga tools.

I asked Dawn if she had one word to sum up her success story, and here's what she said:

"Even though I didn't believe I was capable of this, I have wowed myself so many times throughout the course of the past couple of years. I have had tears that hurt and then tears that felt good. Even though this has been scary, unsettling, uncomfortable, it's had its ups and downs, good moments, bad moments, it has been empowering. It has taught me that I can do this! Even though I'm not exactly where I want to be at the endgame, I'm like 'oh my gosh, look at how far I've come.' That's what keeps me going." - Dawn Vason

Your next step

To follow in Dawn’s footsteps, I’d like to suggest the next step of manifesting something for your business.

Maybe it’s money or maybe it’s being a podcast or maybe it’s something completely different. The thing doesn’t matter. It only matters that you want it. So take some time to think about something you want for your business right now.

Yes, this is another way of looking at setting goals, too!

Write it down. Maybe it’s on a vision board like Dawn’s, but the idea is that you identify something you want for your business and you write it down so you can see it every day. Then it’s up to you to take action to go after it. Maybe it’s a year from now, but reading the thing you want every day will eventually lead you to the courage you need to go get it.

Have fun with this!

Until next time, give yourself permission to manifest what you want in your business and grace along the way.

Get More Done with Less Screen Time with Shailla Vaidya

"There comes a point where we have to decide - are we going to allow this to deter us from what we set out to do? Or are we going to embrace it, learn from it, and run with it?"

- Dawn Vason

About Dawn

I am Dawn Vason, a certified life coach, belief clearing practitioner, Yoga, and meditation instructor. I have a healthy habits approach to finding your authenticity and happiness as you build belief to manifest the life you desire. My specialties include mindset and manifestation coaching with a focus on upgrading your belief system and overcoming imposter syndrome.

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