How To Set Yourself (And Your Business) Up For Success In 2022 - Starting Today!

Ready to set yourself up for success in 2022?

You might be wondering why in the world I’m talking about 2022 so early. Well friend, it’s because what we do today actually impacts us months later.

It's human nature to want to see immediate results. For example, it's so satisfying to heat up tea in a kettle when the water starts boiling in only four minutes! We want those quick results in our yoga business, too. But in our business, things take longer (sometimes much, much longer) than four minutes.

If you want to set and achieve goals in 2022, it’s actually a good idea to start thinking about them now and set yourself up for success ahead of time. This is true anytime with goals, but especially true when it involves holiday time.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays can sometimes be a blur of time. Even with the changes in our world happening (so we may or may not be able to travel and see family and friends this year), our days will likely be stacked with holiday things happening. And hopefully some vacation time, too!

By getting some momentum with goals NOW, it will set you up to have some coasting time during the holidays. Then you can start 2022 strong!

In order to have the business of your dreams, you likely need to set some goals so you can take steps to get there.

Inside Thrive, I’m hosting a special training called the “Last 90 Days” where we’re creating that momentum for the remainder of the year. There will still be monthly Q&A calls, implementation sessions and support through the community, but in addition I’m adding in weekly mini-trainings to help all the Thrivers set goals and gain momentum for 2022.

If what we're about to talk about today inspires you, then I'd love to invite you to join us in Thrive, because we'll be doing so much more of this in the "Last 90 Days!"

Now, let’s dive into how to set yourself up for success in 2022.

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Look back (but no shame allowed!)

Start by looking back. In order to set goals for your business next year, it’s important to look back to see what you have done this year already.

But there is absolutely no shame allowed here! We are not shaming ourselves for what we didn't do or didn't achieve.

I understand that it's easy to find yourself down and out by what you haven’t accomplished yet. I know this because I struggle with this. When I look back, my mental vision focuses 100% on what I have not done yet. But we can't live there for too long, because it's just not helpful. We can't change these things. They're done and it's time to move forward.

However, we do need to look back and see what we DID accomplish!

Action step: Make a list of everything you have done this year - and then celebrate it!

Get clear on the goals for your yoga business

After you look back, it’s time to set your gaze forward. Look ahead.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 or 10 years? Have fun and dream big!

Remember, if you set a goal today, it doesn’t mean you have to hit it tomorrow or within the next year. Think big and see what comes up for you.

  • If you have a big dream of creating a non-profit that helps a certain group of people, that is not going to happen tomorrow. You have to get some things into place to support your dream.

  • If you want to grow to a certain revenue number, that is not going to happen tomorrow. You have to take action and make progress on some smaller goals on the way.

But you won't know what smaller goals to set if you don't know where you eventually want to go. You need a compass! It's like going on a trip: If you don't know the destination, you're going to wander.

For example, I sure hope I can host an in-person event one day, but that’s not on my list for the near future. But I do things now that will help me sell it when it is time -- like mentioning it right now. I’m planting the seed, so if that’s something you’re interested in when it’s time, you’ve heard me say it before. That’s progress on a goal!

So dream big, and also remember those big goals can change along the way too.

Once you dream big, it’s time to decide what you want to focus on for 2022. What do you think you can accomplish in the next year to get you closer to your big goal?

Maybe it’s a revenue goal, maybe it’s a specific offering you want to focus on creating, maybe it’s spending more time with family.

Action step: Sit down and brainstorm your big goals (dream big). Then narrow it down to what you want to focus on for 2022. Set a clear, specific goal!

Know how you will track progress

After we know the goal we’re working towards and we know exactly when it’s been achieved, it’s important to figure out how to track progress.

This is very important! If you have no way of tracking progress, then you won't get a clear picture of how far you've come.

This is up to you. You can ask 50 people “how do you track progress?" and you will get 50 answers. Pick one! The key is to find a system that works for you.

For me, it looks like this (remember, yours does NOT have to look like this, but it might give you some ideas):