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How To Use Instagram In 2021 As A Yoga Teacher

So you’ve got an Instagram account and you’ve seen how it can help yoga teachers build a business but you have no clue how to get started with this.

Or maybe you’ve done more than start -- you’ve been posting and sharing and it’s just not working. So frustrating!

Well, gone are those days my new friend. It’s time to get clear on how to use Instagram in a way that will (1) help you grow your yoga business but also (2) not take all your time. Nobody needs to spend all day on Instagram!

All your questions are answered in this blog post, let’s dive in!

How To Use Instagram Stories As A Yoga Instructor

More Instagram users view stories than they do posts to your grid. So what's the hype all about? In this article I share what stories are, how to use them, and a 1 month plan for getting started.

>> Here's how to use Instagram Stories

How To Use Instagram Reels As A Yoga Teacher

Ready to give Instagram Reels a try? YAY! They are all the rage right now and Instagram is really favoring them so it's a great time to give them a try. In this article I share how to create reels through tutorials, ideas for reels and even have a 1-hour training on all things Instagram Reels!

>> Here's how to use Instagram Reels

When To Post On Instagram

You can Google this all day long and find different answers but here’s what really matters - when is YOUR audience most active on Instagram.

>>> Here's how to know when to post on Instagram to get your best return on your time

What To Post On Instagram

Just like when to post, there are tons of thoughts on what to post on Instagram too. But again, it only matters what YOUR audience is looking for. The best advice I can give when it comes to sharing on Instagram is this: give, give, give. The more you share (aka: give away) the more it will help you grow your business. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

>>> Here's how to know what to post and even share a formula for your posts

How To Schedule Instagram Posts

There are many scheduling tools for Instagram but I highly recommend 2 different options: Later or Facebook Creator Studio. Both are fantastic options and it really depends on which is easier for you to use. And even if you choose another scheduler, the key is to pick an option that works for you and don’t worry about what others are using.

>>> Here's how to schedule posts on Instagram and the different options available

How To Use Instagram Posts To Fill Your Yoga Classes

This is the reason you’re willing to invest time on Instagram -- so you can grow your yoga business. I know you want to fill your classes, your workshops, etc. and I want to help you do that.

>>> Here's how to share on Instagram in a way that will help you fill your classes or any yoga offering you have

How To Use Hashtags On Instagram

Oh hashtags....the always changing thing on Instagram. While this is one thing that often changes on Instagram, there is a general idea and it’s to use specific hashtags to help reach potential new students/followers.

>>> Here's your 2021 hashtag strategy to use on Instagram

Above all else, I hope you make it your goal to have FUN when you use Instagram! If you can do this, it will help this part of marketing feel lighter and not so dreadful. Even if you read some of my suggestions and think “I don’t want to do that”, don’t do it. These are suggestions to help you be intentional about using Instagram. Take what you like and run with it!

Enjoy using Instagram to build your THRIVING yoga business!


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