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How To Use Instagram Reels As A Yoga Teacher

Instagram Reels are the hot thing right now in the Instagram world but how can you use them as a yoga teacher?

I’ve got you covered!

Why To Use Instagram Reels As A Yoga Instructor?

Simple answer = Instagram is really pushing them right now.

So if you’re looking to get more exposure on Instagram and reach new/more people, Reels are the way to go!

Plus they really help you get clear on your message. In order to share a message with something in 15 seconds, you’ve got to be clear. This works wonders for helping you boil down a message! It’s going to help you write more effective social media posts and emails and website copy. get to have so much fun with them! “Fun” for YOU. Maybe that’s sharing mindful moments. Maybe it’s you dancing. Maybe it’s all graphics. Maybe it’s sharing your practice. There’s so many ways to do reels but the key is to have fun with them!

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok videos. They are short 15 to 30 second videos and they are meant to education, inform and entertain.

Do I Have To Dance On Instagram Reels?

No. You don’t have to dance to do reels, although you can if you want to. There are so many other ways to create reels but you’re likely seeing a lot of the dancing ones because they are super popular. So if you’re up for dancing, go for it!

How Do I Create An Instagram Reel?

Good news -- I’ve got tutorials for you (and really there are TONS available now! Mine are just specific to yoga teachers). Below are links to several tutorials I’ve created to help you with creating reels. And yes, they are Reels teaching you how to make Reels - how clever is that?!

What Should I Create Reels About?

Anything and everything really but don’t worry, I’ve got more specific ideas for you!

>> Click here to see 4 Instagram Reel ideas for yoga teachers

Have fun and enjoy creating Instagram Reels!

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