How To Use Instagram Stories As A Yoga Instructor

Not sure what all the hype is around Instagram Stories? Here’s what they are and how you can use them (easily) in your yoga business.

What Are Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are 15 second clips (videos or images) that are available to your followers to see for 24 hours.

They can be found on your profile by clicking the circle profile image.

They can also be found at the top of your instagram feed - the circles at the top.

Why To Use Instagram Stories

You might be asking yourself ‘why should I use stories since the content is so short lived?’. And to that I would say, great job thinking about this because for most content you want to focus on things that will last longer than 24 hours but this is a different type of content.

Instagram stories are great for showing your day-in-the-life, behind-the-scenes type content. It’s great for those quick moments of inspiration where you want to share something but don’t really have time to create a post or blog post or youtube video.

Instagram stories are also great for connecting with your audience, no matter the size of your audience.

People are watching stories more than they are looking at your grid on Instagram so it’s a wonderful opportunity to stay top of mind with your audience.

Plus, if you do create something you want to last longer than 24 hours, you can add it to a highlight and it will stay on your account.

How To Add An Instagram Story To Your Highlights

Speaking of highlights, you can add anything you add to your story to a highlight. An Instagram Highlight is a “pinned” story that you want to stay on your profile. You can think of this like you think of the navigation on your website. So maybe you have a highlight that you show your weekly schedule. Or maybe you have a highlight that shows testimonials from students.

You can create icons or design images for your highlights too. Here’s a link to a canva tutorial for how you can create highlight covers easily.

Here are some examples of Instagram Highlights for inspiration:

How To Post To Your Instagram Story

Okay, so now you’re wondering how to actually post to your Instagram Story. Here’s the steps:

  1. Open Instagram

  2. Swipe your finger from left to right and it will open up the posting feature OR hit the plus button at the bottom of your screen

  3. Select “Story”

  4. Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a picture or hold the circle icon to capture a video

  5. If you want to use a video or image you already have on your phone, swipe up (or click the square at the bottom left to access your camera roll). Select the video or image you want to use.

  6. Add gifs, hashtags, location, captions, etc. to your story.

  7. Click the arrow at the bottom right or click “Your Story” to share to your story

Pro Tip:

Use the features on the far left of the story screen to find “hands free” so you don’t have to hold the circle icon down to capture a story video. This allows you to tap the circle and continue to capture video.