How to use Pinterest for your yoga business in 2021

Conversation with Kate Ahl

So you’re curious about Pinterest...

Maybe you’ve heard people say “Pinterest will help more people find your website” or maybe you use Pinterest but aren’t sure how to use it for your business.

This episode has all the answers!

Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin Media is here to share lots of information with you! Kate walks through the questions to ask yourself to figure out if Pinterest is the best place for you to invest your energy as well as a very specific plan on how to implement if it’s a good fit for you.

She even shares how much time to invest each week and when you will likely see a return on your investment!

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes!

What is Pinterest and how can it help your yoga business?

It's important to understand what Pinterest is exactly so you can know if it's a good place to spend your energy.

Pinterest is a search and discovery engine which means it's very much like Google or YouTube.

Pinterest is where people go to find IDEAS.

Instagram and Facebook are where people to go to follow PEOPLE.

When people go to Pinterest, they don't care about you. Instead, they are intent on finding a solution to their problem.

With Instagram and Facebook, people don't tend to move off the platform to go to your website. Those platforms are built to keep people there as long as possible. But Pinterest is built to send people OFF the platform. Therefore, if you want more traffic to your website so people sign up for your offerings, that's when we would look to Pinterest.

How Pinterest uses video

Pinterest has just started gaining steam with video. People on Pinterest are now watching about one billion video views a day.

A lot of teachers use YouTube. YouTube is a search engine specifically for video, so people are ready to watch something that's longer form.

With Pinterest, videos are more of a teaser. It's short form video (less than two minutes). Then if people click to learn more, they can click through to your YouTube channel or website.

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How to get started on Pinterest with your yoga business

Set up a Pinterest account for your yoga business by following these steps.

If you want to create a business profile from scratch:

  1. Make sure the account talks all about who you are what you do. What type of yoga, where you're located, etc.

  2. Create boards (see below for more details)

If you have a personal profile and want to convert it to a business profile:

  1. Go to and it will walk you through the process of converting your account.

  2. Go through your profile and make sure it matches your business.

  3. Edit the boards that are for personal use and move them to "Secret." You don't want to delete anything from your account because you'll lose content and you'll lose followers.

  4. Create new boards.

What are Pinterest boards?

Pinterest boards are collections of pins. Boards tell the Pinterest algorithm what you are pinning and where they can show people your content.

Every time someone takes an action on a certain pin, this sends Pinterest algorithm clues that they are interested in that thing.

So if someone saves a pin from one of your boards called "Morning Yoga Routines," then the algorithm is going to show that person more pins from that board.

Pinterest board tips:

  • Be specific. You want to name each board something very specific, niched, and clear, because people will search for specific things and you want pins from your board to pop up.

  • You just need a few boards. Keep focused on what you provide and how your boards can reflect that.

Quick Pinterest plan for your yoga business

After you've set up your Pinterest business account, follow these basic guidelines to get started.

  • Profile - Declare your niche on your profile so people see what you're all about right away.

  • Boards - Make sure your boards are all specific to your niche and have very clear, searchable titles.

  • Pins - This is your billboard! You want it to be eye-catching with images and text.