Marketing & Sales: What’s The Difference?

Conversation with Mado Hesselink

When you think of marketing do you think “selling” or “sales”?

If you feel like you’re always ‘selling’ then most likely you’re selling instead of marketing. This is what most people think, so if you’re the same, you’re in good company.

But the truth is, marketing isn’t selling. Marketing is different from sales.

In this conversation, my friend Mado Hesselink and I discuss the difference between the two and how it’s actually better to market your yoga business much more than you sell to your audience. And she even shares a seasonal marketing plan just for you!

Marketing vs sales in your yoga business

"When I've looked at what other yoga teachers are putting out there for their marketing, a great portion of the time it's actually sales copy. It's always the invitation and not enough of the groundwork that makes the invitation really exciting and welcomed." - Mado Hesselink

Goals of marketing

Marketing is about getting people to know, like and trust you.

"Marketing is moving people from never knowing about you into being eager and ready to work with you on a deeper level." - Mado Hesselink

There should be three main goals to your marketing strategy. When you are doing something that's purely marketing (not sales related):

  • You want people to get to know you, to understand your values and what you stand for.

  • You want them to like you and highlight the ways you might be the same as the people in your audience.

  • You want them to trust you. You can build authority or more of a vulnerability type of trust.

And there are generally three ways that marketing can help people. Marketing can:

  • Inform

  • Inspire

  • Entertain

You're building relationships and growing that know, like, and trust factor. This is so important. We do this by communicating and getting to know people on the other side of the screen, not selling.

"This is what yoga teachers love to do! If you're spending time out there with your audience teaching them, inspiring them, and entertaining them -- that's marketing! And that can actually be pretty fun." - Mado Hesselink

Goals of sales

Sales is about getting you paid.

"Sales is the conversation around how we make the offer happen. The timing, the price, what structure and format is going to be best for you? Marketing leads you to the sales. When you've done a good job with your marketing, then sales is easy. It's just details, basically." - Mado Hesselink

You have to earn the right to sell.

There's a metaphor that is used a lot in the business world: Cold, warm, and hot audiences. Your audience is cold when they don't know you at all. Slowly through marketing, you build a connection with them (and "warm them up") until they are your hot audience.

Hot audiences sign up for anything you put out. "The hot category is where the gold is. These are your repeat audience who sign up for everything you do and tell their friends about you. The more people like this that you have relationships with, the faster your business will thrive." - Mado Hesselink

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Seasonal marketing in your yoga business

"Think of marketing and sales as happening in seasons. You don't have to be doing all of it all the time, because that's exhausting. That's confusing and overwhelming." - Mado Hesselink

If we try to plan out our business and marketing a whole year at a time, it can be overwhelming. Planning in seasons is a lot more doable. These smaller chunks make it easier to envision and make plans.

There's a time for marketing, and there's a time for selling. Consider breaking this up into seasons.

"If you're selling all the time, it's really exhausting. But if you know there's a difference between sales and marketing, and you get to focus JUST on marketing for a period time, that's actually pretty fun, because marketing is part of how you help people." - Mado Hesselink

Each year you go through four seasons. Each season can roughly be broken down into three months.

  • 1st month: Get out there as much as possible! This is when you network and dive into visibility strategies. Podcasts, webinars, guest blogging, etc.

  • 2nd month: Serve your new people. Nurture them. Share things that will help and inspire them.

  • 3rd month: Invite them to the party! It's time to get paid. This is where you sell your workshop, membership, or course.

When you have this strategy, you don't have to constantly wonder what you should focus on and what's the next step, but instead you just follow the system.

How to shift away from the weekly drop-in yoga class

The weekly drop-in model is really tough. It can feel like you're always on a hamster wheel.

Based on what is going on in the lives of your students, they will either make coming to your class a priority or not, but you haven't asked them for a commitment. You're making the commitment to be there every single week, but you haven't asked them to commit. - Mado Hesselink

Consider changing this up. The easiest shift is t