Marketing Tips From The Movement Maestro

Conversation with Shanté Cofield

If you’re feeling like your marketing isn’t working, this message is for you.

Dr. Shanté Cofield (aka: The Movement Maestro) shares lots of truth bombs on this, and if you follow her advice, you will make progress in your business.

As you will hear in our conversation today, she wishes to leave you with this message: Be relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

How incredible is that?! It's such a powerful message, and you’re going to hear even more nuggets of wisdom throughout this conversation.

We talk about tough stuff about being an entrepreneur, how and why to take action if you’re not feeling “ready”, and of course, Instagram.

Get ready to laugh and be inspired!

Don't overthink your yoga marketing

"I think the best compliment you can get ever get from someone is that when they meet you in real life and say 'You're just like you are on instagram!" That's what it should be." - Shanté Cofield

Instagram is a place that you can be real and make genuine connections. If it doesn't feel that way to you, you could be following the wrong people or not showing up as yourself.

When it comes to creating marketing content, we tend to get in our heads a lot. A lot of times we overthink or overcomplicate what we want to say.

The concern for a lot of people just getting started with Instagram (or creating content in general) is "What does the audience want to hear?" But if you're sitting there wondering "What do they want? What will they like?" then you will never get started.

Start off with what YOU want and what YOU like, because you will never be able to guess what everyone wants. And you'll also never be able to please everyone, so you have to let that go.

When you're just starting out, ask yourself:

What has helped me? What do I enjoy?

What do I believe in? What are my values? What do I want to be putting out there?

What do I want to be saying? And then go from there.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #112). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

How to speak your truth with confidence

"Confidence is a byproduct of action. You just have to get started. You probably won't ever feel ready. Be scared, but do it anyway. Do it scared. Do it nervous." - Shanté Cofield

Think back to when you taught your first yoga class ever. I bet you weren't super confident right off the bat. But you taught anyway. You took the action. And now, years later, you probably feel a lot more confident in your teaching skills.

Marketing your yoga business can be looked at in the same way. Take small baby steps, and as you take action, your confidence will grow!

"Confidence is very much a learned skill, but I think it's something that can be an in-born trait where some people have more of it and some people have to work a bit harder to cultivate it, just like anything else." - Shanté Cofield

Believing in yourself and hearing encouragement from others is important. But you need to generate hard evidence that you CAN actually do the thing. This is what taking action will provide for you. "Movement demonstrates possibility." - Shanté Cofield

Take that first step, whatever that looks like for you.

Avoid the comparison trap in your yoga business

You're going to compare yourself, so your choice then becomes - either keep comparing yourself or put something into place.

If you know you are someone that tends to compare yourself:

  1. Acknowledge that it's happening.

  2. Dissect it. Why do you do this? Is it something from the past? Whatever it is, dissect it.

  3. Take action! Don't try to change the way you are, but instead mitigate the circumstances that you put yourself into. If you know that you tend to compare yourself, but you know you need to be on Instagram for your business, then you need to put boundaries and barriers in place. You can unfollow or mute.

"People seek to change themselves too much rather than changing their surroundings or changing their circumstances." - Shanté Cofield

It's really that simple. You think it has to be complicated, but it's not.

"When it comes to many common problems that people face, they want really complex solutions because it gives them a reason not to do it." - Shanté Cofield

How to share your message in your yoga business

When you're writing a post, what message are you trying to get across? Consider the following:

  • How is this going to be interpreted?

  • Is what I think the primary message is here going to be delivered?

  • Do I trust myself in the comments section? (Understand that there is always a possibility that someone will say something conflicting in response - are you going to be okay with that?)

Shanté has a recent podcast (episode #316) where she addressed a question: "How can I maximize the impact of my message while minimizing the number of words I use?" In other words, how do you get to the point and not be so wordy with things?

Largely with this, it's just practic