The Secret to Marketing with Confidence as a Yoga Teacher

Ready to learn how to market yourself with confidence? Want to never shy away from sending an email or posting about yourself and classes on Instagram again?

Well today, this one's for you! How to market yourself with confidence as a yoga teacher — let’s get started.

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I’ve heard from so many of you that confidence is what you struggle with the most. When it comes to marketing yourself, it can be uncomfortable most of the time. When we dig through and get down to the layers of everything, it’s not the not-knowing of how to market yourself — it all comes down to confidence.

Confidence in yourself as a yoga teacher

Let’s say it all together: you are enough! I hear it all too often, “I don’t feel like I’m enough. I don’t have enough training. I don’t have...whatever”.

You are enough! You are capable right now as a yoga teacher. You went through your 200 hour training (and likely even more trainings). You are capable. Just believe 100% that you are valuable to your students.

Start believing that about yourself! If you catch yourself feeling that you’re not enough and start feeling the resistance of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher — I really want you to start paying attention to those feelings.

Start everyday with the mantra: I am enough. Mindset is so powerful when it comes to self confidence! Start believing in yourself and the rest will follow.

Also understand that everyone had to start somewhere. Every marketing genius you admire. Every yoga teacher you look up to all started at the same place you did!

Once you push through and come to the realization that you are enough, capable & valuable you’ll be ready for the secret of marketing yourself with confidence!

The secret to marketing yourself with confidence

Just do it.

Groundbreaking right? But it’s so true! You have to push through the wall of being uncomfortable.

Just start, right now. That’s what it takes! It’s just like when you started yoga teacher training — they just encouraged you to teach. It’s what you’re there for so go ahead and try it out!

The reason they encouraged you to teach (even practicing with your friends or spouse) is because once you start getting comfortable with teaching — you won’t be able to stop!

Marketing yourself is the exact same. Once you start you’ll gain even more confidence with doing so.

Know that you will mess up (and it will be okay). The world will not crumble when you put out a social media post that isn’t perfect (because guess what, there’s no such thing as a perfect social media post).

You will get better with time! You can’t send your 50th newsletter email (that converts) until you send the first one.

You can’t post for the 100th time if you don’t post for the 1st time. See where I’m going with this?

It’s so important to just get started!

Yoga is a practice, not perfection and marketing is the exact same way.

You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t align with your values but you will likely have to do things that are outside your comfort zone. Just like learning something new about yoga, you have to try, fall and try again. You know that pose you worked so hard for and then finally nailed it! I bet you felt awesome in that moment and you wouldn’t have felt that awesome if you nailed it the first time you tried it. You had to work for it and it made the success even sweeter. You have to just start.

  • Post crappy social posts.

  • Share videos that have the worst lighting possible.

  • Send that email that you wrote a month ago but haven’t had “enough” people review it for grammar edits yet.

  • Record (AND SEND) the audio recording of a meditation that your students have been asking you for.

Just do it Plus, I believe whole-heartedly that if you don’t cringe when you look at your first video or written blog, then you haven’t made any improvements yet. You only get better with practice.

Your Next Best Step

Deliver a piece of content TODAY, no matter how bad you think it is. Write an email, publish a blog, upload a video to youtube, record an audio file and send it to your clients, post to social media. I don’t care what channel you pick, just pick one and go for it! You’ve got this! It’s not as bad as you think anyway =)

Until next time, give yourself permission to start ugly and grace along the way!