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Maximizing Productivity During Busy Seasons of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jun 10


Article Summary

If you're in a busy season of life and doing your best to be productive through this time, this conversation is for you. We're talking to entrepreneur, Andria Singletary, who shares her journey of launching a business while navigating motherhood. She shares valuable tips for how to make it work but even more, you'll hear from someone who has walked this path and doesn't sugarcoat the process. It's tough to try and juggle it all but knowing you're not alone is often helpful and that's what this conversation will bring to you - a friendly reminder that you can do this and some practical tips to make it happen.


  • How to create dedicated time for your business amidst a busy life.

  • Strategies for adjusting when unexpected disruptions occur.

  • The importance of asking for and accepting support from loved ones.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #245). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 245: [Andria Singletary] Maximizing Productivity During Busy Seasons


Stumbling Into Entrepreneurship & Navigating Life's Seasons

Andria's journey into entrepreneurship is a testament to resilience and adaptability, especially in the face of life's unexpected turns.

  • Starting Point: Andria began her entrepreneurial journey while pregnant with her second child and managing a one-year-old, seeking a balance between motherhood and professional fulfillment.

  • Transition from Traditional Work: She transitioned from being a preschool director, a job she loved, to becoming a stay-at-home mom due to the pandemic's impact on her job.

  • Finding Purpose: Andria felt the need to create something for herself amidst the joys of motherhood, leading her to explore various avenues like being a mom influencer before settling on blogging. She then explored virtual assistant work.

  • Pivoting to Podcast Management: Recognizing the need for a more flexible schedule, especially after her daughter's health issues and her son's autism diagnosis, Andria shifted her focus to podcast management, allowing her to work odd hours and prioritize family time.

  • Adapting to Life's Changes: Andria's journey reflects the reality of life's unpredictability, highlighting the importance of adjusting business strategies to accommodate personal and family needs.

  • Supporting Other Moms: Through her experiences, Andria now helps other moms navigate similar challenges, emphasizing the possibility of running a successful business while being present for their families.

Andria's story showcases how adapting to life's changes and finding a business model that aligns with your current season can lead to a fulfilling and balanced entrepreneurial journey.

Your Season of Life Impacts Your Productivity and Work Schedule

Andria emphasizes the critical role of mindset and self-care in navigating productivity and work-life balance, especially as a mom and entrepreneur.

  • Mindset Shift: Andria experienced a mindset shift where prioritizing her family's needs and her own well-being became paramount over business ambitions. This shift involved overcoming doubts and imposter syndrome associated with pivoting her business model.

  • Self-Care Priority: She stresses the importance of self-care and setting boundaries, recognizing that taking care of herself and her family should come before business goals.

  • Work-Life Balance Struggles: Andria acknowledges the challenge of balancing ambition with the realities of being a mom and entrepreneur, highlighting the constant battle of wanting to do more but recognizing the limitations of current life seasons.

  • Realistic Goal Setting: She advocates for setting realistic goals that align with one's capacity and current season of life, acknowledging that some dreams may need to be shelved temporarily until the timing is right.

  • The Conflict of Priorities: Andria and Amanda discuss the conflict that many moms face between wanting to focus on their business goals and being present for their children, highlighting the need for support and communication in managing these conflicting priorities.

  • Asking for Help: Andria encourages moms to ask for help and delegate tasks to support their personal and professional responsibilities effectively.

Andria's insights shed light on the challenges faced by many moms in balancing entrepreneurship with family life, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, realistic goal setting, and seeking support to navigate these complexities successfully.

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Finding Dedicated Time for Productivity in Busy Seasons

Andria shares valuable insights on carving out dedicated time for productivity, especially in busy seasons as a mom and entrepreneur.

  • CEO Mama Days: Andria suggests having at least one dedicated day each week where moms can focus solely on themselves and their businesses, without being responsible for childcare or other household tasks. This dedicated time, known for her as CEO Mama Days, allows for focused work and reduces feelings of guilt throughout the week.

  • Overcoming Guilt: Andria addresses the common guilt moms feel when separating from their children, emphasizing the importance of working through these emotions and trusting that their children are well taken care of during this time.

  • Practical Tips: Andria encourages moms to get out of the house if possible, suggesting places like local coffee shops or libraries for uninterrupted work. For those unable to leave home, finding a quiet space and creating a conducive environment for focused work is key.

  • Individualized Approaches: Both Andria and Amanda stress the importance of finding what works best for each individual, whether it's leaving the house or creating a productive environment at home. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in managing productivity during busy times.

  • Effective Planning: Andria shares her strategy of having a clear plan for CEO Mama Days to stay focused and productive, especially when dealing with distractions like ADHD.

She underscores the significance of dedicated time for productivity and offers practical tips for moms to maximize their efficiency while balancing their roles as entrepreneurs and caregivers.

Maintaining Momentum & Adjusting When Your Schedule is Thrown Off

Andria and Amanda discuss strategies for handling disruptions in schedules, extending the conversation beyond parenting to caregiving and other responsibilities.

  • Acknowledge the Disruption: When faced with a schedule disruption, the first step is to acknowledge the situation and take a moment to breathe, recognizing that it can be frustrating but not insurmountable.

  • Plan for Contingencies: Andria suggests having a backup plan (Plan B) in place for situations where the dedicated day for work cannot happen as scheduled. This involves looking ahead to the following week and making arrangements to ensure dedicated time for work.

  • Open Communication: Communicating with support systems such as spouses, siblings, or other caregivers is crucial. Open communication helps in coordinating responsibilities and ensuring that dedicated time for work is prioritized and honored.

  • Flexibility in Time: Andria emphasizes that even if a full dedicated day is not possible, carving out smaller chunks of uninterrupted time, like a half-day or a few hours, can still be highly productive.

  • Maintaining Momentum: Amanda highlights the importance of not allowing one misstep to derail progress entirely. Instead, focus on what can be done to keep moving forward, even if it's just making a little progress each day or finding creative ways to fit in work around other responsibilities.

The importance of adaptability, communication, and maintaining a proactive mindset when faced with unexpected schedule changes is critical in entrepreneurship.

Seeking Support in Busy Seasons & The Importance of Communication

Andria and Amanda discuss the significance of asking for support during busy seasons of life and the importance of effective communication.

  • Open Communication: Andria emphasizes the critical role of communication in seeking support. She highlights the need to communicate clearly with family members, partners, or caregivers about one's needs, especially during hectic periods.

  • Flexibility in Support: The discussion touches on the idea that support may vary from week to week or month to month based on changing schedules. Andria advises being open about the type and timing of support needed and ensuring both parties are on the same page.

  • Overcoming Hesitation: Amanda shares a personal anecdote about not asking for support during a stressful launch period, only realizing afterward the importance of seeking help. She underscores the need to overcome hesitation and recognize that it's okay to ask for support, as most people are willing to help.

  • Expressing Gratitude: Both speakers highlight the value of expressing gratitude for the support received. They discuss how appreciation strengthens relationships and encourages ongoing support exchanges.

Reminder: asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a proactive step towards achieving balance and success in both personal and professional endeavors.

Take Away Message / Action

Whether in you're in a busy season or preparing for one, please remember that it's just a season and this too shall pass. Be sure to give yourself grace throughout this time and be realistic with your time, capacity and that will lead you to setting goals you can actually make progress with and even achieve during the busy time.

Until next time give yourself permission to be productive during a busy time and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Andria:

Andria Singletary is a wife, mom of two, as well as a life and business coach for mompreneurs. On her podcast, Mama Turned Mompreneur, she talks about all things motherhood and business life. Her biggest passion is helping other moms build a business that fits their current season of life because, let's be honest, life as a mom is ever-changing, and finding what aligns with you is key. She takes pride in helping her clients succeed and grow their clientele off social media through podcasting and other strategies so they can spend less time on their phones and more time with their littles.

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Other Resources:

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