My Book Topic Revealed! An Interview With My Book Coach, Eric Koester

98.5% of people fail at writing a book but I'm in line to be in the 1% of actually finishing!

Why am I in the 1%?

Because I found my people. I found the program that was the best fit for me and within 5 months I have my first draft. All 31,670 words in it's messy-first-draft glory has been written. Even as I type that I can't believe it.

The even more amazing part of this to me is that I actually did this without telling many people I was doing it. For someone who has built a business on the "let them help you build it" mentality, this was odd. But now I finally get to tell the world about it and I couldn't think of a better way to do this than to have my coach interview me.

My Book Coach, Eric Koester, Interviewed Me

I was on the other side of this interview and it got my nerves up a few times for sure. My book coach, Eric Koester, asked me all the questions about my book writing process so that I could share the behind the scenes with you. Because sure the idea of writing a book is neat but to hear more about how it happened...well, that's much better.

Eric is a professor at Georgetown University and created the Manuscripts program where authors never have to write alone. What a great concept!

Just like I don't want entrepreneurs to feel alone in their journey, he didn't want authors to feel alone so he did something about it. And I'm very grateful he did because I am now one of his authors who has benefited from this program in more ways than writing the book.

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Why I'm Writing A Book Now

While this has been on my list of dreams for a few years now, I really didn't have any intention of writing it this year. In my "perfect world" I would have a bigger business with more success stories than I do currently so I could share even more wisdom with you in my first book about entrepreneurship. But that all changed when I met Eric and learned about his program.

"Most people think that we write a book to demonstrate our knowledge...but instead think about it as a book being an incredible experience to go learn something." - Eric Koester

This fascinated me because I guess I just assumed that people do the thing, then write the non fiction book about it. It's how I've always read books and imagined it went anyway. But when Eric shared how he has approached books and now teaches it, it resonated with me in big ways.

"It's not what you know that makes for a great book, it's what you can learn." - Eric Koester

After I learned a bit more about the program, I applied and then had a call with Eric and in that short 20 minute conversation, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the coach for me. I showed up prepared, with lots of ideas and he stopped me mid-sentence and encouraged me to stop thinking about all of the content I've already created and instead go listen and read about others to see what resonates with me. And then he asked me these questions:

"What do you want to do more of 10 years from now? What doors do you want this book to open for you?" - Eric Koester

.....long pause......

Those questions really got me thinking and I did answer him in our initial conversation but those questions are actually still being answered. And they are being answered in the most real way I have ever answered because I'm giving it time. I'm not rushing to all answers, although once I gave myself space to think like this, the answer was pretty clear, at least to the direction I wanted to go.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #168) Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Should Books vs Get-To Books

Eric asked me lots of questions about how I decided on the topic and direction of the book and through this he shared a really interesting point. The idea of "should" books versus "get-to" books. And the reason that this process happened quickly and I'm excited about everything so far is that I'm writing a "get-to" book.

"Should books very rarely get finished. But get-to books are ones that you feel like I can't believe I'm getting to make time for this." - Eric Koester

Throughout the process, especially at the beginning, I thought about the "should" book more because I assumed that as I teach about marketing, that I would write a book about marketing but spoiler's not about marketing.

This shocked me as it unfolded in real time and I remember thinking "can I really do this and not write about marketing?".

"Many of the authors need permission to explore something" - Eric Koester

Oh boy was I one of those authors in his program! I definitely needed this permission to explore the idea of talking about the thing that was really on my heart, not what everyone expected of me if I were to share that I was writing a book. But in the end...

"I wrote what I wanted to write. I didn't write what someone told me to write." - Amanda McKinney

The Book Writing Process

People (i.e. me) assume the process of writing a book is linear but it was nothing close to that. I went into it thinking that I would sit down on a set schedule and write chapter 1, then chapter 2, etc. I was more than shocked when that couldn't be further from reality.

I was fortunate to have found this program that gave me the structure and guidance I needed to actually write the book I wanted to write, instead of what I thought I should write. And that all started with little stories. I would write one story that I wanted to include on a specific topic. Then another. Then another. I did this for about a month or so as I was finding my groove and learning how to be an author through weekly lessons.

Then I started to see a pattern in my stories and wouldn't you know of those patters became a chapter!