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What?! New Podcast Name...Let Me Tell You All About It

Did you notice something different about the podcast? It has a new name!

Welcome to The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Podcast!

A podcast for entrepreneurs who want to unapologetically chase their definition of success.

Doesn't that just sound like freedom?

To unapologetically chase your definition of success sure sounds like freedom to me as an entrepreneur and so I'm on a mission to figure out how to live this way every day. And if this sounds good to you, I want you to come on this journey with me.

The Unapologetic Entrepreneur Podcast with Amanda McKinney

Why The Name Change?

Simply put, it was time to shift the name of the podcast to accurately describe what's covered on the podcast. While I have and will continue to talk about marketing on the podcast, in 2022 I actually shifted the content significantly away from only marketing. My goal in 2022 for the podcast was to explore success stories and I did that all year long and it was wonderful.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #172. Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Throughout the year I interviewed many people and asked them how they defined success and they shared a specific success story. I talked to yoga teachers, authors, and many other entrepreneurs so I had branched out past only marketing for yoga teachers naturally.

The great part was that it did happen naturally and the yoga teacher audience that I had built was still very supported by this content. This just goes to show you that you can niche down in your business but eventually broaden out and still serve your original audience.

As I looked ahead to 2023 I knew it was time to change but then I had to figure out the new name. Oh what challenge but a fun one nonetheless. And after doing lots of research to see what was already taken based on words I liked and that reflected the true content, I settled on The Unapologetic Entrepreneur.


The word "unapologetic" came up during my book interviews and it hit me like a ton of bricks as soon as I heard it. I'll share more about this in a future episode but it shook me to my core and really stuck with me. But to be super clear, when I say "unapologetic" I mean that you aren't apologizing for things you truly want in your business. I don't mean that we will all go out there an be jerks and not apologize.


The word "entrepreneur" was important as I love talking to entrepreneurs and exploring what success looks like for them and how we can learn from and be inspired by others. I knew I wanted to concentrate the podcast content to entrepreneurs overall.

So "The Unapologetic Entrepreneur" was created and the great news about podcasts is that all my previous content is still available to you. I don't have to delete any episodes in order to make this change. You can go back to your favorite episodes anytime!

What To Expect Next On The Podcast

I'm still your host, I still show up in the same way so overall, it will feel the same. This is especially true because the content has already shifted over the past year. But here's what I plan to share and explore:

  • Success stories from entrepreneurs

  • How we can truly be unapologetic entrepreneurs

  • Navigating the feelings that come with being an unapologetic entrepreneur

  • Marketing as an unapologetic entrepreneur

You can think of this as your one-stop-shop for stepping into YOUR success as an entrepreneur. We'll talk through ideas and of course I'll share tactical things you can do to truly embody this in your life and business. But we will also explore a lot of mindset stuff too because as you can imagine it's a big component of this process.

Just like I share with all my students, I don't know all the answers and I certainly don't do everything "right" but what I do well is share the lessons I learn. I love to encourage you every step of the way and since I'm right beside you I'll also share the lessons I've learned when I see that you're navigating the same thing.

Thank you for trusting me to be beside you along this journey of entrepreneurship. I cannot wait to explore how you will be an unapologetic entrepreneur!

Until next time, give yourself permission to be an unapologetic entrepreneur and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

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"I'm still your host, I still show up in the same way so overall, it will feel the same. But here's what I plan to share and explore: success stories, how we can truly be an unapologetic entrepreneur, navigating all the feelings and of course marketing!"

- Amanda McKinney


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