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Podcast Update From Amanda

The Marketing Yoga with Confidence podcast is changing - but in a GREAT way!

In this episode, I’m sharing what to expect going forward with this podcast and I’m really excited to share these updates. I’ve listened to what you need and will be adjusting how I release specific content to you to help with focus and action taking tips. You’re going to love it!

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #148. Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

What’s happening on the podcast

Instead of having episodes on various topics week to week, there will be series on specific topics so we can concentrate on diving deep into one thing at a time.

The amount of time will vary depending on the topic: It could be 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

All content will continue to be available ongoing, but if you’re listening in real-time you will have the ability to take action and stay focused on one topic for several weeks.

It’s similar to learning in your YTT when you have a specific topic that you focus on for each weekend.

Why I’m making the change

This change allows me to go deeper on a specific topic and it allows me to focus on my core messages (just like I teach you to do)!

I've seen incredible results with the 90-day goals and focus inside of Thrive, my membership for yoga teachers. I want to translate this idea to the podcast, too!

With that said, my first series is starting next week and it’s all about Mindset. I’ve realized more and more every day that it doesn’t matter what marketing strategy you know, if your mindset isn’t aligned, the result won’t be what you expect.

So we’re talking about marketing being relational and transactional, time management as an entrepreneur, success and the feelings that come along with it and how documenting your wins can help your mindset in big ways.

I'm really excited for this change. Stay tuned!

Until next time, give yourself permission to make changes when you want to with your marketing and your business, and lots of grace along the way.

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