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Project Planning: Building Your Realistic Plan To Achieve Your Small Business Goal


Article Summary

This series is designed to help you finally take action on your ideas and turn inspiration into results. We'll ditch the overwhelm and focus on a simple, actionable plan to get your goal progress started and FINISHED in just 6 weeks!

Part 1: Declaring Your Goal

Part 2: Creating A Project Plan

Part 3: Implementation + How To Get Back On Track When You're Thrown Off

Part 4: Implementation + Lack Of Motivation Strategies

Part 5: Implementation + Prioritization & Time Management Strategies

Part 6: Celebrating & Reflecting On Lessons Learned


  • Creating a realistic project plan is essential for achieving your goals.

  • Break down your plan week by week based on your timeframe.

  • Consider using templates and project management tools to simplify the process.

If you'd like to save time and amplify your results, check out the Goal Toolkit that includes templates, checklists and tools that will support this process.

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**This was also a podcast episode (episode #250). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 250 - [Summer Series Part 2] Project Planning: Creating A Realistic Plan To Achieve Your Goal


Why Create A Project Plan To Achieve Your Small Business Goal

I know that not everyone is a planner like I am but you're here because you haven't make the progress you've hoped for and so you need to do something different. The something different is creating not just a project plan but a realistic one.

Simply put, a project plan is a timeline that outlines all the actions you need to take to complete a specific project and hit your goal. The reason you want to do this is because it breaks things down into steps so you don't get overwhelmed. It also helps you get back on track when your plan is thrown off.

How To Create A Project Plan To Achieve Your Small Business Goal

Forget complex plans! We'll create a simple, customizable project plan that breaks down your project into manageable steps. In the last episode I asked you to evaluate your capacity for this goal and you identified a goal that you have the capacity to commit to so that's step #1 in a realistic plan.

The next step is to look ahead at the timeframe you've set (ex: 6 weeks) and break things down based on a weekly plan.

For example:

  • Goal: Conduct research in order to create my holiday offering

  • Week 1: Decide on goal

  • Week 2: Create the project plan

  • Week 3: Contact 5 clients to book 15 minute calls this/next week; Compile research from Facebook Groups and other forms on the holiday topic

  • Week 4: Evaluate conversations and research and identify the main problem I'll help solve in the holiday offering

  • Week 5: Create the outline for the offering and share it with 5 clients for feedback

  • Week 6: Compile all feedback to determine changes needed and finalize outline for holiday offering

*If you want to save time and energy, I've created a project plan for you and it's available inside the Goals Toolkit. There's even information on project management tools to help you stay on task as you implement.

Image of a woman holding a calendar

Take Away Message / Action

Create your project plan so you can achieve your goal within the timeframe you've set. By doing this you're able to identify the small steps and milestones along the way so it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

And don't forget there's a template available to you at 

Until next time give yourself permission to create a plan that's realistic for you and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.


Ep. 250 - [Summer Series Part 2] Project Planning: Creating A Realistic Plan To Achieve Your Goal


Let's Work Together!

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I'm on a mission to help eradicate the feeling of failure when it comes to goal achievement.

If you'd like support as you pursue your business goals, let's work together. Use the link below to see my current options.


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