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Set-Back Series: From No Support To Amazing Success With Shanon Whitmore

*This is part 3 of a 3 part series sharing inspirational stories of set backs that led to positive outcomes overall.

Sometimes we look for signs to stop trying something (like starting a business) but other times our determination can sustain us through tough times. That’s what happened for my guest today as she shares that it was actually lack of support that gave her the momentum to go all in on her business.

“Over this long span of time, I built the courage to step out of that zone of working the 9-5 job and showing up every day for someone else to make their dreams happen and started to make my own things happen.” - Shanon Whitmore

Stepping Into Entrepreneurship With Confidence

Once you’ve entertained the idea of starting your own business it’s hard to shake it but it’s also hard to get started. The idea of being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Oftentimes this process is a long transition and that was the case for Shanon Whitmore who shares this about how she got started with her plant business:

“I ended up finding a place where I worked with plants indoors and I started to take care of them and learn about the different types of plants and we would throw away these beautiful living plants. And so I was like, well I can sell these on the side. So I started a side hustle and it evolved. So I've been selling plants now for nine years.”

“It took me nine months to actually get my business license because I had been thinking about it but not doing it.” - Shanon Whitmore

Maybe you’re experiencing the “not doing it” part of the process right now like Shanon was and it’s time to take action. For Shanon it started with applying to get her business license and once she did that, it helped her gain momentum and take more action.

If you’re in this space of not taking action it’s often your own self doubt that’s stopping you. Once you know this, you can navigate these feelings with more confidence and purpose.

“There was this hesitation and I don't know if that's something that we all have inside. Is this self doubt or lack of self worth to be like, okay, well, I really can be successful at this. So I'm just going to do it. So it took some time.” - Shanon Whitmore

It’s also important to remember that this is a process that takes time. We often see others sharing about their process and we think it happened quickly and easily for them but that’s likely not the case. In Shanon’s case it was several years of a process of working for someone else and then starting her own business on the side, then eventually going full time.

“Over this long span of time, I built the courage to step out of that zone of working the 9-5 job and showing up every day for someone else to make their dreams happen and started to make my own things happen.” - Shanon Whitmore

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #164. Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Asking For Support As An Entrepreneur

One thing that helps increase your chances of success as an entrepreneur is finding a support system. However, this might not happen right away and this is exactly what could have stopped Shanon from making progress in her business.

“I've always been a very independent person and it's really hard for me to ask for help.” - Shanon Whitmore

For someone who doesn’t ask help easily it felt like a big step for Shanon to ask for help and then it didn’t work out for her. She asked her boss for help and was turned down for that support. But it was that experience that actually led to an increase in determination for Shanon.

After pushing forward and figuring things out on her own, she increased her confidence in herself and was then able continue moving forward. And an even better part was that now she’s more open to the idea of seeking help because through her other experiences, she has met people who actually do want to help and support her.

“I'm open to finding and seeking help and so many different ways now.” - Shanon Whitmore

“We need different things in different seasons and different characteristics about ourselves will shine in different seasons and I so believe wholeheartedly that you have the business that you have today because of your stubbornness, because of your determination, because of all of that independence that you were like dang it; I'm going to do it and it got you there. As entrepreneurs, we are scrappy, we figure things out, we do so much and that I think will always be a thread in our businesses, but there's also times where it's like we just need other types of support.” - Amanda McKinney

Defining Success For Yourself As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur it’s important to define success for yourself because if you don’t, you will end up chasing someone else’s definition of success. When this happens you will look back after achieving “success” and not feeling fulfilled.

For Shanon, she says that it was important for her to ask herself “what makes me happy?”.

“I asked myself what really makes me happy? And having my own business and not working for someone else really makes me happy.” - Shanon Whitmore

Once you’ve defined success for yourself it’s also important to know that you will sometimes feel successful and other times not so much. I loved how Shanon talked about this in our conversation:

“I do feel successful sometimes. I don't know, I still have that self doubt and I'm like oh, what am I doing with my life? But everything always turns back around and I realize my life is really good. I get to go and travel to these amazing places. I get to work with plants all day. I meet really cool people that I can connect with and have real conversations and it's not just small talk and I also make money doing it and it's just a very rewarding thing to be able to share my magic with these plants.” - Shanon Whitmore

Your next step

After learning from Shanon in this conversation your next step is to take action with one of these things:

  • Step into the role of being an entrepreneur even if it’s simply saying it to someone today

  • Ask for support in the way you need it in this season of your life

  • Define success for yourself so that you don’t chase someone else’s definition

Until next time give yourself permission to step into the role of entrepreneur and grace along the way. I’ll talk to you soon.

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“Over this long span of time, I built the courage to step out of that zone of working the 9-5 job and showing up every day for someone else to make their dreams happen and started to make my own things happen.”

- Shanon Whitmore

Guest Bio & Links:

Kelli McKinney spent fifteen years in corporate marketing before taking the leap into freelance copywriting and following her dream of being a children's author. Her debut children's book titled JEFF PENNANT’S FIELD GUIDE TO RAISING HAPPY PARENTS is published by Chicken Scratch Books.


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