Social Media & Blogging Tips For Yoga Teachers

Conversation with Kayla Kleinman

Do you feel stuck when it comes to social media?

Have you thought about starting a blog but not sure what to do? Or maybe you wonder “why should I have a blog?"

This conversation answers all these questions - and more. When I asked Kayla Kleinman to be a guest, I knew it was going to be packed with social media and blogging tips because that’s what I was going to ask questions about.

And yes - we talk about social media and blogging and you will learn a ton, but where the real nuggets of wisdom are is when she talks about creating opportunities for yourself as a business owner, how when something doesn’t work it’s not just the price, and how the pandemic has helped her truly step into being a business owner in a different way.

Let's jump into the conversation with Kayla!

Showing up on social media authentically

"Don't be afraid to show the real side of you beyond just, 'Hey, I'm teaching a class today, come join!'" - Kayla Kleinman

Find what's authentic to you and tap into that, whether that's "pointing and dancing" on reels, or going live instagram, or blogging. Show up as a whole human in whatever feels comfortable for you. You’re more than just a yoga teacher - don't be afraid to show that. Don’t overthink it too much or make it so serious. Be you.

"My most viral reel was a big wakeup call that it doesn't have to be so perfect and if I just have fun with this and show up as my real goofy self, then let me go for it. If that's not authentic to you, I encourage you to find a way to use reels that is you." - Kayla Kleinman

And remember that what's authentic for you might be different than what's authentic for someone else.

When you force something (whether it's a yoga pose or a type of marketing) that isn’t accessible for you, it doesn’t work well. Find what works for you.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #121). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Blogging to grow your yoga business

"I thought, 'I'm going to create these opportunities for myself to essential practice teaching yoga.' Because of my blog and social media following, I was able to attract people to come in and take my class . So a year later when I started auditioning for studios in NYC, I already had so much experience under my belt teaching yoga - all because I created these opportunities and was able to have this community thanks to my blog." - Kayla Kleinman

Having a blog can be beneficial to growing your yoga business in many ways.

  • You can get offered partnerships that are solely for blogs.

  • It improves your SEO and helps you get found on Google.

  • If social media ever goes away or changes the algorithm, you still have a place of your own that you can collect email addresses to build your email list.

  • It gives you a space to expand upon ideas that are too large to make a reel or instagram post about.

  • It can help you create content for social media (and vice versa). You can look back on past blog posts that did well and recreate them for social media posts. You can also take one of your reels that went viral and write a blog post about it.

Creating opportunities for yourself as a yoga teacher business owner

A lot of teachers did not sign up to be an entrepreneur. This is a total mindset shift that needs to happen at some point if you want to make a living as a yoga teacher.

It's so important to create opportunities for yourself. Don't wait for them to come to you. Sometimes that means seizing an opportunity when someone says "Oh, you're a yoga teacher - that's cool" and responding by inviting them to your class. And sometimes thats means hosting your own events, collaborating with others, and making things happen.

"It's not my personality to put myself out there. I'll be the first to say it's scary. But I keep asking myself - what's the worst thing that can happen?" - Kayla Kleinman

Ask yourself: What's the worst thing that can happen? If the worst thing that can happen is that no one signs up for the class you promote, you didn't lose anything.

"Feel the fear, but do it anyway." - Kayla Kleinman

When you put yourself out there and you aren't happy with the result, look at it all as a learning experience. Go back and retrace your steps. Can you tweak the offering? Dissect it. Learn from it, give yourself plenty of grace, and try again!

"Just show up. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to be good. If I had waited until I had "the best name ever" I never would have launched my blog. Just start. You can always figure it out as you go." - Kayla Kleinman

Money mindset as a yoga teacher

When it comes to pricing your offerings, don't just choose a random number based off of what other people are doing.

You can do market research if you're feeling like you're totally off the mark, but usually the price of your class or offering has less to do with how many people are signing up than you think. Instead, it's more about how you're talking about the offering, or other details that you can shift around and experiment with.

Above all, be confident. Stand by your price. This is your career and it's not a hobby. None of us would expect to go to the dentist or your hairdresser and not pay.

"We deserve to get paid for the service that we offer, the skills that we have, and the work that we've put in as yoga teachers. There's no shame in asking for it." - Kayla Kleinman