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The Power of Curiosity & Discipline In Your Business Growth

Updated: Jul 1


Article Summary

In this conversation, Amanda McKinney interviews Amy Traugh, the host of the Motivated CEO podcast and author of the CEO Method book. They discuss the importance of motivation and discipline in achieving success, the need to quiet the noise and focus on what works for you, and the power of getting curious and understanding your why. Amy shares valuable insights on building a sustainable business, promoting your offerings, and leveraging referrals. The conversation concludes with a call to action for listeners to reflect on their why and take steps to implement what works for them.


  • Motivation comes and goes, but discipline is key to achieving results.

  • Quiet the noise and focus on what works for you.

  • Get curious and understand your why to stay dedicated in the hard days.

  • Leverage referrals for business growth.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #248). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 248 - [Amy Traugh] Grow Your Business Using Curiosity & Discipline


Conversation Timeline:

00:00 - Introduction and Connection

02:19 - The Power of Motivation and Discipline

07:30 - Quiet the Noise and Focus on What Works for You

09:52 - Get Curious and Understand Your Why

33:15 - Leverage Referrals for Business Growth

The Power Of Curiosity & Discipline

Motivation is great but if you always rely on this in order to take action, it will lead to failure. There will be times when you don't feel motivated but you can still take action and move forward towards your goals. Don't rely on motivation, rely on discipline.

"Motivation will come and go. I want to create momentum because momentum creates results. But at the end of the day, I have to have the discipline because the motivation is going to fade." - Amy Traugh

Quiet The Noise and Focus on What Works For You

Many people set goals related to what they feel they "should" want but it's critical to know what you truly want. In order to do this you have to quite the noise and turn internally to get this answers.


Turn off all notifications on your phone so you have less interruptions and noise coming at you. By doing this you'll be more productive but you'll also be able to get quite and listen to what you truly want.

Image of a window with the text "#becurious"

Get Curious And Understand Your Why

You've likely heard "know your why" many times but have you actually dug deep to figure this out for yourself? Do this exercise today:

Exercise: 7 Levels Of Why

  • Identify what you want and then ask "why do I want this?".

  • Repeat the question 6 more times until you get to the 7th answer of "why".

  • Your true why will get you through the hard days.

Leverage Referrals For Business Growth

When you're on a mission to grow your business it's important to use many different tools at different seasons because they won't always work all the time. But one stands out and that's referrals and focusing on serving your current clients. When you do this, you'll create loyal fans that will refer you to others and will lead to your dream clients.

"I feel like that idea of like, if you feel like a broken record, you're doing it right. I feel like I can't say that enough because it's what you have to do and you have to create systems to make it easier." - Amanda McKinney

"Stop building your business on borrowed land. It is a piece of the strategy, not the entire strategy." - Amy Traugh

Questions To Reflect On When Nothing Is Working To See Business Growth

Below is a list of questions from chapter 12 in Amy's book: The CEO Method, An Entrepreneur's Guide To Business Success

  • Are those consuming my content ideal clients?

  • Have I taken the time to engage with them, build relationships and listen to them?

  • Am I meeting my clients exactly where they are, listening to their challenges, and addressing their needs in my content?

  • How am I getting in front of my ideal clients and expanding my reach?

  • Is my messaging clear, highlighting the value of the transformation that I provide?

  • Do those in my world know that I offer and how to buy from me?

  • Am I consistently showing up as the solution to their problems?

  • Am I adhering to my daily nonnegotiables and showing up consistently to provide value and position myself as the expert in my space?

  • How often am I showing up and presenting an invitation to the solution I provide?

  • Am I taking the time to following up with leads?

  • Am I addressing potential objections and concerns in my content?

Take Away Message / Action

Get curious about your true, honest, deep-down, real why. Use the 7 layers of why exercise to get crystal clear on this so that you have a true north star guiding all of your business decisions.

Until next time give yourself permission to be curious about what you truly want and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon!

About Amy:

Amy Traugh is a business strategist, author, and the host of The Motivated CEO Podcast. She helps service providers, generate the consistent sales they want so that they can create the impact they desire, without sacrificing their two most valuable assets, time and energy through her signature CEO Framework.


Other Resources:

Ep. 248 - [Amy Traugh] Grow Your Business Using Curiosity & Discipline


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