Use yoga tools to be the CEO of your yoga business

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Conversation with Manu Molina de la Torre

Does it feel uncomfortable to think about yourself as the CEO of your yoga business?

If you're like most yoga teachers I work with, the answer is YES.

The business of yoga is not something that is typically taught in yoga teacher trainings, but it's a very important part of being a yoga teacher. If you're going to teach yoga and really want to grow your student base, then you'll be a business owner.

When you're trying to grow your business, you really have to put on your "CEO hat," and you can only do that when you're comfortable with it.

Manu Molina de la Torre, my guest today, shares how he learned how to step into the role of CEO of his yoga business and to truly embrace the idea of being an entrepreneur AND a yoga teacher.

Manu is a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, and a coach. He helps other and wellness professionals to take the first actionable steps in their vision as an entrepreneur. He coaches in both English and Spanish, and also has a podcast in Spanish called Emprendedores del Yoga.

I’m honored to say that Manu is also one of my students and let me tell you - he’s a phenomenal student! I don’t know how he found my podcast, but I’m sure glad he did because he jumps right in and takes action with it.

Manu reached out to me and let me know that I was featured in one of his blog posts last year on the topic of yoga entrepreneurship. After reading through the blog post, I immediately reached out to see if we could schedule this interview because I knew it would resonate with you.

Here's a short excerpt from Manu's blog post that inspired this interview (scroll all the way down for the link to the full post):

"In order for yoga teachers and wellness professionals to continue doing their work, they must make an income.

I would like to start this article with a question for yoga teachers and movement educators: Were the money, finances and pricing aspects of your profession addressed in your yoga/fitness training?

In my case, for the most part it was not. In fact, during more than 2,000 hours of yoga and fitness training, in which I invested a fortune, there was very little learning on this topic which was vital for me to be able to recover the investment made."

In today's interview, Manu shares tips, mindset shifts, and yoga philosophy that helped him step into the role of being an entrepreneur. I know these tips will help you as well. Let's dive right in!

You Don't Need Thousands of Followers

"I had this idea that in order to thrive, in order to be a successful yoga teacher, I had to have 10,000 or 14,000 followers on Instagram." - Manu Molina de la Torre

This is our first mindset shift. You definitely don't need thousands of followers to be successful in your yoga business!

The number of media followers you have is what we call a "vanity metric." This is the number that other people can see. Sometimes we correlate "success" on instagram with that 10,000 number. But you definitely don't have to have that many followers to be successful.

"My lightbulb moment happened when I realized I could sell my courses even with a small community. It is not about the big amount of followers on a social media platform, but it's about how much value I am bringing to that small community." - Manu Molina de la Torre

For some reason, social media feels like this BIG space, and so we feel like we have to fill it with all these people. But if you think of your house, apartment, or yoga studio, and then think of filling it with a hundred people -- that's actually a massive amount of people!

You don't need those big numbers in order to be successful in your yoga business, you just need to focus on finding the right people who really need the help you are giving.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #89). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

You Don't Have to be Everywhere

"When you are taking the first steps, it's much better to focus your energy." - Manu Molina de la Torre

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