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Visualize Success Instead Of Critiquing Yourself As An Entrepreneur


Article Summary

In this article, we're flipping the script on self-critique and diving into the power of visualization for entrepreneur success. Join me and guest, Paul Schmidt, as we chat about letting go of self-doubt and embracing the mindset of visualizing success instead of critiquing ourselves. Paul shares practical tips and insights on how to harness the magic of visualization to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward. We also talk about entrepreneurship failures and how to use these tough experiences as learning lessons while not beating ourselves up about what happened. You'll be inspired by this conversation and ready to tackle your goals!


  • Discover the tool of visualization and how it can help your path to success

  • Stop beating yourself up about failures and instead use it for personal and business growth

  • Ensuring you have accountability will help you apply these lessons and see the results

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #242). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 242: [Paul Schmidt] Visualize Success Instead of Critiquing Yourself


Success In Entrepreneurship

So often we're looking for a quick-fix and for things to happen fast in our business. I'm extremely guilty of this and lack patience terribly but entrepreneurship has a way of teaching this lesson. It's important to remember that entrepreneurship is not a quick-fix and anyone successful you see online has worked hard and dealt with setbacks along the way too.

"It takes what it takes. I've got to be able to commit to what it takes and I've got to take the time to put that infrastructure in place because if I just go headlong into this, I'm going to fail." - Paul Schmidt


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Paul and I talk about how we met on a ConvertKit Creator Happy Hour networking event and I can't recommend them enough. These events are a fantastic way to connect with other creators. Below is a link to join ConvertKit as your email provider and then join us on the next Happy Hour.


Visualizing Success As An Entrepreneur

I'm a big fan of talking about visualization when it comes to success but for many this can feel vague or even silly but it's backed by science!

"Science shows that the brain doesn't know any difference between visualized outcomes and real outcomes. So if you can create that in your mind's eye first, you have a much better chance of success at actually achieving that in the real world, whether it's on a sports court or field, whether it's in business, whatever it might be" - Paul Schmidt

Still not convinced? Here's some science articles to back it up:

"It's important to visualize what success looks like when dealing with these issues: dealing with clients, self-limiting beliefs, procrastination, etc." - Paul Schmidt

"You can't be it until you can see it." - Paul Schmidt

"Michael Phelps visualizes not only success, but if things go wrong, like if his glasses slip, what will he do? He is prepared for so many different scenarios, so he won't panic." - Amanda McKinney

"Visualize a scenario where things got sideways with whatever the issue was. We ask you to think about that and remember it in clear detail and then we walk you through the process of reframing that situation which has happened to you and being able to visualize a different outcome based on a different behavior. So we're acknowledging that we're not only taking a good look at the failure, but we're taking a look at how we can reframe that in the future to alter the outcome and come up with a successful outcome as well." - Paul Schmidt

"We can affect the outcome moving forward if we learn from the past, but if we drill that story in and program it in so deeply, the harder it is to change." - Paul Schmidt

Woman sitting and drinking coffee

A Failure As An Entrepreneur Doesn't Mean You Failed

Setbacks, hard times and failures are part of entrepreneurship. I wish they weren't but it happens to us all so we have to learn how to navigate these tough times and the key is to ensure that you separate your self-worth from the actions that didn't work out.

"We can very easily take a failure on ourselves and think, I failed. I suck. It's because of me. But when we talk to other people, the other person usually pulls us out of that so we can get to truth of what happened." - Amanda McKinney

"That's where things like accountability partners, accountability groups, communities come in. They can help us move past failure and continue to move forward." - Paul Schmidt

"Rarely is it, you really suck at your craft. If that's the case, then that's completely addressable. You go get more training." - Paul Schmidt

"Look at the data, try and detach from it emotionally enough to go, okay, was it me, was it something I could control, was it not me, was it something I couldn't control?" - Paul Schmidt

"Emotions lie but data doesn't. The feelings are real and it's important to acknowledge them but they're also likely to cloud your judgement." - Amanda McKinney

"It's great to have actionable data rather than the only action you're going to take by beating yourself up is by beating yourself up. But if you know the data, you can say, okay, now I need a strategy to generate more calls to generate more appointments, whatever it might be. And you can attack that. It's something you can work on that's not beating you down." - Paul Schmidt

"Beating yourself up serves no one. It's better to acknowledge, stay accountable, admit your mistakes and take ownership of them and then move forward. Beating yourself up and telling yourself you're less than because you made a mistake is ridiculous and it's an epidemic in this country." - Paul Schmidt

Take Away Message / Action

Ask yourself "how can I help someone today?" and then go do that. Maybe it's emailing a previous client and sharing a new piece of content with them because you know it will support them. Maybe it's following up with a friend or connection that you haven't followed up with. Maybe it's holding the door for someone today.

Take Paul's measurement of success to heart and see how it impacts your life and most likely your business too.

"The older I get, the more that's the key metric by which I measure myself. "Did I help people today?" So many people have helped me, I didn't get here by myself so I want to do the same." - Paul Schmidt

Until next time give yourself permission to learn from all the lessons and mistakes and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Paul:

Paul Schmidt is a successful voice actor, community builder, and voiceover business coach. He's also the creator of the VO Freedom Master Plan, a voiceover marketing program designed to generate consistent opportunities for voice actors to book work, and the VO Pro Community, a private, professional, global community created to meet the needs of voice actors and audiobook narrators who want to take their careers to the next level.. Paul has been a voice actor for over 20 years and full-time for the last several. He lives in beautiful Richmond, VA with his son, Robbie. 

Paul's Links:

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Ep. 242: [Paul Schmidt] Visualize Success Instead of Critiquing Yourself

"You are an expert in what you do at the end of the day, your audience wants to know what the outcome will be working with you."

- Gwen Tinsley


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