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What To Post On Instagram As A Yoga Teacher

Not sure what to post on Instagram?

Maybe you’ve even found this blog post because you searched “what should I post on Instagram” or “ideas for Instagram posts”.

Well, I’ve got you covered my friend!

Ideas For Instagram Posts For Yoga Teachers

Here’s a list of ideas to help get the creative juices flowing for your Instagram posts. These ideas can also serve as inspiration for Instagram Reels, Lives, IGTV and Stories too.

  • Introduce yourself

  • What does your home practice look like?

  • How you prep for a yoga class

  • Invitation to your yoga offering

  • Behind the scenes of one of your yoga offerings

  • Your favorite props to use in class

  • One of your pet peeves

  • Coffee or tea - which do you prefer and why

  • Why you became a yoga teacher

  • How long have you been practicing yoga

  • When were you introduced to yoga

  • What do you wish your students knew

  • If you could remind your students of something today, what would that be

  • What’s your response to “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible”

  • Your favorite books

  • Share your free resource

This list could go on and on but that will get you started!

How To Write A Social Media Post That Will Get Engagement

Typically after I share a list of ideas like I just did I will hear “sure, but I post all the time and it’s not doing anything. It feels like a waste of time.”

I totally get this! Part of it will take time and I won’t lie to you and tell you that one post is going to grow your Instagram following by 1,000’s of people or get lots of comments. But there is a way to write a social media post with the intention of getting more engagement.

Instagram Post Formula

Struggle: Start by calling attention to the struggle your audience is going through. To be clear this is not to cause harm or trigger anyone, this is to let them know you understand them and get their attention. This doesn’t have to be negative. Here are some examples:

  • Wish you could touch your toes?

  • Looking for a way to fit yoga into your daily routine?

  • The secret to fitting yoga into your busy schedule is….

Dream: Once you’ve got their attention it’s time to keep the attention and that often looks like calling out the relief they are looking for. This is closely tied to the struggle and sometimes it can even be in the same sentence. Here are some examples:

  • While yoga isn’t all about flexibility, I bet you’re thinking “it would be nice to have more flexibility so it didn’t hurt when I was playing with the kids”

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to wake up any earlier to fit yoga into your already busy schedule?

Fix: After you’ve connected with your audience, it’s then time to introduce your suggestion for them. This is usually where most people like to start the social media posts but take note, it’s not what you want to start with. Here are some examples:

  • I have many students who are looking for more flexibility and this is my go-to stretch for them.

  • My students are busy people so I don’t share 1-hour long videos with them. I create 5 - 20 minute classes so that you don’t have to rearrange your entire day to fit yoga in.

Call To Action: Once you’ve shared your suggestion with them, it’s time to prompt the action you want them to take. And please note that you may not see the action but this is where you can ask for engagement if that’s the goal of the post. Here are some examples:

  • Try this stretch 3 times today and see how you feel

  • Use the #linkinbio to grab my free 5 minute yoga sequence that you can fit into your busy schedule

  • Tell me in the comments why you wish you were more flexible

More Ideas For Instagram Posts Specifically For Yoga Teachers

I’ve got a free resource of 50 social media post templates that are written for you! It’s not just ideas, it’s literally templates for you. All you have to do is fill in specifics related to your business and tweak it to sound more like you and it’s done! With 50 templates you can have the next several months of social media planned for you! Use the form below to get the 50 templates delivered to your inbox immediately.

Okay, it’s your turn now! Take the templates and have fun posting to Instagram!


Listen To A Podcast Episode All About What To Post On Social Media

Listen to episode #84 of my podcast where I walk through the formula for what to post on social media step by step with even more examples.


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