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When To Post On Instagram As A Yoga Teacher

Have you found yourself Googling “when to post on Instagram” lately?

If you’re like most yoga teachers (and really, any business owner!) that I know, this is something that’s swirling around in your mind and you really wish that someone would answer this question.

So you go to Google and find all kinds of answers that leave you even more confused than when you started.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Post To Instagram

You will hear/read lots of answers to this question but the real answer is that it doesn’t matter what you read on the internet. Only one thing matters:

When is YOUR audience engaging on Instagram?

The information you’ll find online is for the general public, the average. But you’re not serving everyone in the entire world, you’re serving your students.

For example, if you work with teachers then you need to know when they are engaging online, not the general public. Google might tell you to post at 10:00am but teachers are busy teaching class at that time so you surely wouldn’t want to take that advice.

Or if you work with new mom’s you might find that 2am is the best time to post because they are up in the middle of the night feeding their little one. But that’s not what you’ll find on Google because you will find the average.

How To Find Out The Best Time Of Day To Post To Instagram

The best way to figure this out for your audience is to start posting when you think it’s best for your audience. This is you testing timing out so you can see if it’s working.

Step 1: Decide on your frequency of posting (if you’re feeling stumped, go with 3 times a week)

Step 2: Write your Instagram posts

Step 3: Schedule your Instagram posts (suggested tools: Later or Facebook Creator Studio). Pick the times of day that you think will be best for your audience based on what you know about them. Just choose and go for it!

Step 4: At the end of a month, go back into the Insights section of Instagram (you need a business or creator account for this - here’s a link on how to do this) to see what times your audience is most engaged with your content. You will see both what days of the week and times of day they are most engaged.

Step 5: Update your posting schedule to reflect those days/times.

That’s it! It’s super easy to overcomplicate things for ourselves but it’s really all about trying something to see if it works and then adjusting to what works better.

You’ve got this!


Need A Pep Talk?

Listen to episode #39 on my podcast (Marketing Yoga with Confidence) to get it! I recorded this so you could have a "you've got this" pep talk in your earbuds anytime you need it.

Because...I believe in you and I know you've truly got this!

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