Which are you: “Be-er” or “Do-er” [Part 1]

Conversation with Jessica Eley

Do you take action quickly or do you need to think about it for a while before you move?

This is just one question that will help you understand if you’re a “Be-er” or a “Do-er”. This concept is from my guest, Jessica Eley, and it’s powerful.

Jessica is a mindset mentor for high achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to create the money and success of their own definition. And she has a concept of “there are two types of people in this world."

This concept of “be-ers” and “do-ers” that really caught my attention because as a coach for yoga teachers, I realized that I might not be coaching my students in the best way. So I wanted to learn more from her on this so I could be better for you.

So, are you a "be-er" or a "do-er"? Knowing the answer to this question will help you grow your business in a way that serves you and your students. Let's jump in!

What is a "Be-er"

"Be-ers" are great at seeing their success!

For be-ers, growth has to happen first before anything else. Their self-perception or identity has to change before they take action.

For example, they need to see themselves as someone who could sell a thing, reach a certain income goal, run a business a certain way, or try a new approach or tactic.

Once that's locked into place, there's nothing left standing in their way - and they can fly! Nothing can stop them. But there's a lot of lead up and build up to that point that has to happen for them.

Basically, be-ers have to focus on what they believe about themselves and get that squared away, and then they are free to go get whatever they want!

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #97). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

What is a "Do-er"

Do-ers are great at taking action!

Do-ers need to get a result FIRST.

They need to use some willpower, go do the thing, see that they can make something happen (reach an income goal, sell something, try a new approach, or achieve what they want for themselves) and then based on that result, they are able to see themselves differently.

Basically, do-ers have to take action first and create a result. How they see themselves changes on the backend!

How to know which type you are in your yoga business

Does this sound familiar?

  • You think: "Why can't I get myself to do this?" (Whether it's content creation, sending weekly emails, starting a new class, etc)

  • You need to look before you leap and really think about it before taking action.

If that is you, then you're probably a "be-er!"

Or is does this resonate more?

  • You take action quickly!

  • You're willing to follow a formula.

  • You can use your willpower and do the thing.

If that is you, then you're probably a "do-er!"

"You can be successful in either camp and both camps have pitfalls. The clarity will come from taking imperfect action. You can't just meditate your way to understanding how it is you want to build your business. The actions that you're going to take need to be for and about your own self-awareness and understanding how it is you build momentum." - Jessica Eley

How to take action as a "Be-er"

There's nothing more important for a "be-er" than self-awareness of what makes you work.

What gets you motivated? What builds your confidence? What are you willing to do? Don't worry that you don't have the kind of willpower that a do-er does. You have your own strengths.

Write out every excuse that you have - and then down the list and solve them.

A couple of examples:

If you're afraid of charging too much, ask yourself:

  • Do you need to charge less?

  • Do you need to gather more testimonials?

  • Do you need to go try it with a group of friends yet?

If you're not convinced you can stick to a schedule for content creation, ask yourself:

  • Do you need to hire an assistant to help me?

  • Can I put some kind of system into place to make it easier?

Ask yourself: How can I? How would I be willing to do this?

Willingness is everything for a be-er. If you're not willing to go post daily on Instagram , maybe don't lean on that strategy. If you're not willing to cold call 20 people, then go a different direction.

What is the path you want to take?

"If you're not willing, don't push it. Find what you ARE willing to do, and then use that to create momentum." - Jessica Eley

How to reflect and trust results as a "Do-er"