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Working With: “Be-ers” and “Do-ers” [Part 2]

Conversation with Jessica Eley

Now that you know if you’re a “Be-er” or a “Do-er”, it's time to take the next step to know who you will work best with in your yoga business.

Part 1 of this conversation can be found here.

In our conversation today, my guest Jessica Eley shares how to work with the gifts we have and serve the students who are best fit to work with us. Jessica says that it’s okay to work with both or you can choose one type of person to work with and how to best determine this.

And of course we talk about how we can use our marketing language to attract the people who we want to work with and just as importantly, how to repel the people who won’t be as successful with our offerings.

This is a game-changer in how you can grow your yoga business. Get your notebook ready!

Know who you like to work with in your yoga business

It's important to know which one you are, but it's even more important to know who you want to work with: "Be-ers" or "Do-ers."

Consider if you prefer:

  • Working with people who are like you (or a few steps behind you)?

  • Or the variety of working with people different from you?

Neither is right or wrong!

Most be-ers can be a little more flexible in who they are working with or teaching. But many do-ers are going to be frustrated with the lack of commitment, follow through, or willpower of a be-er. Do-ers will want to say "Just make a decision. Just do it!" Something to consider: Do you even want to work with whoever you are not? If you're a be-er, do you actually want to work with do-ers? If you're a do-er, will it frustrate you to work with be-ers?

Sometimes your opposite will be attracted to working with you as a counterbalance. Are you willing to be that? Sometimes a be-er will go to a do-er because they want to get things done. But not every do-er has the patience for that.

"If you're not showing up with your best energy for the people right in front of you, then neither of you is served well by it. There's nothing to be gained by saying 'I can help everybody!'" - Jessica Eley

This is really about understanding what the state of mind is of the person you work with and looking at how the person is wired. Are you compatible to help them get their best results?

The more you understand your people, the more likely you'll both reach success and the less likely the person you are working with is going to be disappointed.

Take an honest look, be aware of your preference, and set things up so you're not attracting the wrong people.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #98). Use the player below if you'd prefer to listen to this message.

Experiment to figure out who you want to work with

How do you figure out if you prefer working with be-ers or do-ers in your yoga business? It takes a little experimentation!

A great way to experiment with this is through social media or regular email newsletters. You can put a message out there and see who responds (and how they respond). From that, you can get a sense of which chunk of people were interested in what you were saying.

Another way to figure this out is by looking back at who you've worked with in the past. Who did you click with? What worked out well? What didn't? Consider the "type" of person or the way you taught them.

Thinking about your students - ask yourself if it is a transformation that they are after or a result. Knowing they'll get some of both, but which one motivates them primarily?

For example, is it:

I want to be able to handstand in 90 days!

Or is it:

I need an hour and a half to myself where I can focus on and take care of myself because I know I show up way better when I'm in that place.

Make sure to experiment and figure this out before you write a long sales page, create an offer, and then fill it with the wrong type of people for you.

"Everything in your yoga business can be structured around which type you want to accommodate." - Jessica Eley

Yoga marketing help for "Be-ers" and "Do-ers"

In your marketing, set things up so you are not attracting the wrong people.

For example, if you are a be-er and you know that you don't want to work with do-ers, then be clear about that in your marketing copy. There is so much to be gained when you are willing to put a stake in the ground and say you are not actually right for these people, because you get better results with the people that DO come in.

We want to attract AND repel. Repelling is just as important as attracting because it allows that end result to be success for both parties.

Writing a sales page for be-ers

Ask yourself:

  • What do they believe about themselves?

  • What are the things that they have tried and determine don't work?

  • What the things that they are or aren't willing to do?

You need to call those things out specifically on your sales page. "I know you've done [fill in the blank]." It's super identifying for the be-ers if you can speak to them in this way.

Writing a sales page for do-ers

This is a little less complicated than a sales page for be-ers. If you're clear about the end result, the do-ers will be willing to jump in because they want the end result and they know they will do the steps needed to get there.

Do-ers like systems and steps clearly laid out for them. Make sure you emphasize these things on your sales page.

"You have to know the heads of your people. If you miss the motivation, then it's really hard to capitalize on that data in a way that's repeatable." - Jessica Eley

If you're just getting started and you really don't know which type you want to work with...

Speak to you a few years ago or 6 months ago (before your transformation). Ask yourself:

  • What brought you to the thing that you're doing now?

  • What made you find yoga?

  • What made you get on the mat every day?

  • What did you go through in your life?

  • What mental changes and growth did you experience?

Asking yourself these questions will help clarify who you want to work with - and it will also provide you with lots of great copy for your sales page.

"People will flock to you in droves if you can speak to what's going on in their head. If you only speak to what's going on in their external life, that's not going to cut it anymore. You have to understand what's going on in their head and what their growth journey is like." - Jessica Eley

You could be in business for years and still be unpacking this and understanding it.

Start by paying attention to where it is you were (before your transformation) and any similarities between people that you've worked with and your own journey.

Then start looking for the similarities between the people you've worked with. What are the similarities that bring them in the door? What made them come to you? The more you understand their similarities, the more you'll be able to understand what their heads are like when they seek somebody like you out.

Your next step

Your next step after this episode is to step back and decide: Who do you really want to work with?

Look at your offerings and see who you’ve worked the most successfully with so far. Look at your offerings and see who they are built for. Then look at your marketing messaging and make sure it all aligns with your dream student. If not, make small adjustments and call in the right person for you.

Until next time give yourself permission to attract and repel and grace along the way.

Get More Done with Less Screen Time with Shailla Vaidya

"People will flock to you in droves if you can speak to what's going on in their head. If you only speak to what's going on in their external life, that's not going to cut it anymore. You have to understand what's going on in their head and what their growth journey is like."

-Jessica Eley

About Jessica

Jessica is a mindset mentor for high-achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to create the money and success of their own definition. She empowers them to embrace gigantic leaps in their businesses by uncovering how each person is uniquely wired to grow and achieve. Her high-touch approach enables brilliant people to experience their full potential. Jessica loves food, football, and her four kids (not in that order!).

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