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Yoga Blog Ideas: How To Repurpose Your Yoga Content

Conversation with Rachel Kay Albers

What is Content Repurposing? And How Will It Help You Grow Your Yoga Business

Content repurposing is a strategy for taking one piece of content and getting as much impact as you can out of that and allowing it to work in different ways.

There are two ways to look at content repurposing:

  1. Allowing one piece of content to serve the rest of your marketing channels.

This is the best way to work with your content. For example, if you create a weekly video and post it to YouTube and your blog, then that video topic should be the topic for your social media posts (at least a few of them anyway) for that week and definitely the topic for your email.

  1. Allowing one piece of content be your main piece of content not just once but multiple times.

This is when you take a video or blog post and re-share it after it’s already been created and shared. For example, if you have a video on YouTube that you know is really great then you could share it again as your main content in your email and social feed, even though it was created months ago. This shines a light on it again and lets it serve you even more.

“You’ve already validated that the content is serving people and you’re basically sitting on money and more impact. Why would you sit on that? It’s like you have money buried in your backyard and you’re saying ‘I’ve got to go find new stuff’. No it’s in your backyard!” - Rachael Kay Albers

If you haven’t created content consistently yet in your yoga business

It starts with planning and keeping it simple. Start with your core piece of content and create a plan based on that one piece of content. This is taking the first look at content repurposing and allowing one piece of content to serve all other marketing channels.

Ex: One video will become an email and 2 social media posts and that’s a whole week of marketing content.

This repurposing of content allows your content to have more of an impact because you’re sharing in multiple places and helping more people actually see it.

“We tend to think that if we promoted something once, everybody saw it and if they see it again they will be annoyed. But the majority of your audience didn’t see it.” - Rachael Kay Albers

“When we repeat our core ideas or core teachings or lessons that are in our content, we help people to retain it better or even at all.” - Rachael Kay Albers

If you have a lot of content in your yoga business already

If you’ve been creating content on a consistent basis, (or even not consistently but you have some content created!) then you can look back at your content and repurpose what you have.

This doesn’t mean you have to share the same exact words every time, although you can, but it means sharing the same message overall. So maybe you share a video you created a few months ago but when you share it on social media you talk about it a little differently than you did the first time to see if that framing of the message worked better. This is a great way to test your messaging!

“When you’re looking at repurposing your content it’s not about repeating the exact words, it’s repeating the message and part of the challenge is ‘how can I say this differently for the person who didn’t hear it the first time.” - Rachael Kay Albers

**This was also a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, use the player below:

8 Different Ways to Repurpose Your Yoga Content

(Yoga Blog, Yoga YouTubeVideos, Instagram Posts, Facebook Lives, etc.)

Here is a list of ways that Rachael shared on how we can repurpose our content that’s already created:

  1. Re-run your content. If you have a video or podcast episode that you want to share again, re-run it through your social channels.

  2. Look back at text content and turn it into an email sequence for new email subscribers. This shares your awesome content with new subscribers over a period of a few weeks.

  3. Look back at previous emails that performed well and turn them into blog posts or videos.

  4. Take previous blog posts or videos and turn them into bite-sized content (listicles and GIFs are great examples).

  5. Compile your top videos or blog posts and create a bundle of content that you can sell or use as a freebie to grow your email list.

  6. Audit your old content and revamp it to give it new life. Update the video or blog post now that you’ve learned more.

  7. Change the mode of communication. If you have a written blog that did well, create a video. If you have a video that is helpful, write a long blog post about it to further explain the poses and why they are helpful.

  8. Turn your content into a paid product. When you find content that’s working well, you could package it up and create a paid product with it to help even more people.

“I feel like the yoga industry needs to be GIF’ing. It’s the best industry to be making GIFs” - Rachael Kay Albers

“It’s like going into your closet to do some spring cleaning and seeing a shirt you forgot you had. I’m going to do this with my content.” - Amanda McKinney

Your next step

If you’ve created content, it’s time to review it and if you haven’t started to create content, it’s time to get consistent. Either way, look at the content you have or will create and make a plan. And by all means, make sure this plan includes repurposing your content in both ways we talked about today.

Until next time, give yourself permission to repeat yourself and grace along the way.

“There on the hamster wheel and feeling like the answer is content marketing: more, more, more. They’re trying to come up with new, creative, amazing ideas all the time and of course you would feel that way. We all start in this place where we think if I do a lot of great stuff, it’s going to go somewhere, right? So you go at this pace but inevitably burn out and the saddest part is that the content never sees even a fraction of the eyeballs or the impact it could have because the focus is on quantity not just quality.” - Rachael Kay Albers

About Rachael Kay Albers

Rachael Kay Albers is a digital strategist and business comedian. As the founder and creative director of RKA ink, a branding, web design, and digital marketing studio based outside Chicago, Rachael helps thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs all over the world stand out online without selling their soul or playing the manipulation game. When not crafting epic, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun-sized business advice with storytelling and sketch comedy. Think of her as the one-woman SNL of biz TV.

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