Yoga business success by looking inward

Conversation with Allie Van Fossen

Do you need some inspiration today?

If you’re feeling stuck with growing your yoga business, if you’re struggling with being impatient, or if you’re feeling like niching down is just too dang hard...then this article is for you.

I’m joined today by my new friend Allie Van Fossen. I asked Allie to come on the podcast to share more about her journey as a yoga entrepreneur.

Allie is a yoga teacher who has built an online business that’s taken her from her corporate cubicle to a multiple six figure business. Her and her hubby built this business over several years and from a sometimes not-so-great wifi connection from a sailboat.

If that doesn’t inspire you and show you that you can do this, I don’t know what will.

Allie now focuses on her online membership for women who are looking for a spiritual yoga teacher both on and off the mat. She shares about the journey of how she got to this place (and how she plans to scale her business to seven figures next) all while looking inward to ensure that she’s building a business based on what she wants in life and not just what other people want.

Build the foundation of your yoga business first

This is a marathon, it's not a sprint. Build the business for your entire life, and not just this one period or one goal. - Allie Van Fossen

In the online space, a lot of people struggle and spin their wheels because they are getting ahead of themselves. They want success but they don't want to build the foundation. A lot of people get defeated because they jumped into selling right away and they aren't growing. Selling is great, but you have to build a community first.

You wouldn't become a yoga teacher unless you had practiced for at least a year, and it's the same with building your business! Get accustomed to your audience, find your footing, and create that trust.

But how do you create trust?

To create trust with your audience, you really have to get consistent with whatever it is you're offering for free.

Consistent weekly classes is really what any content platform requires (whether that's YouTube, a podcast, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or something else) if you want to build that trust, show your expertise, and let people know that your content is valuable.

Consistency tells people that you're going to show up when you say you're going to be there.

This takes time.

I completely empathize with your impatience - let me tell you, I am not a patient person at all! But know that there will be detours along the way. It's going to take longer than you want it to. You have to be willing to wait, build the foundation, and let go of big expectations at the beginning.

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Be aligned with what you're selling in your yoga business

"When you don't feel aligned with an offer, you can't sell it." - Allie Van Fossen

Ask yourself: "What will bring me the most joy to sell?" It's so much easier to sell when you believe in what you're selling!

Assume that whatever you are selling is going to require a lot of backend support and that it will require a large amount of time and energy from you. What do you love enough that makes you WANT to give all of your energy?

Start there - and don't get sidelined by everyone's spectacular stories or wins. You are seeing their finished product; you aren't seeing the journey and experimentation along the way.

As you build offers and try new things in your yoga business, constantly reflect and connect back in. Was that fun? Was that aligning? Or should you put it to bed?

Practice the final Yama in Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga: 'Aparigraha', or non-gripping. Do your best to be unattached to the outcome. Take action and keep moving. Let go of what needs to let go of.

Be open to switching it all up!

"I threw a lot of spaghetti at the wall. I think that's what we need to do when we're starting out!" - Allie Van Fossen

Be willing to experiment and then be okay with it not turning out exactly how you envisioned. Try different things and then be open to changing it later. You can stay anchored by remembering that the work is for other people. Who's on the other side?

"It's okay to build, experiment, make some money, lose some money, and then say ehh, this is just taking too much of my energy. Instead I'm going to focus on THIS which is bringing me the most joy, fulfillment, and progress for myself, my people, and my company." - Allie Van Fossen

Simplify and amplify your yoga business

"Simplify so you can amplify." - Allie Van Fossen Simplify everything you possibly can in your yoga business so that you are able to amplify the things that are making you happy and bringing you joy in your life.

When making decisions about your business, ask yourself what lights you up.

For example, when considering if you should you start a podcast or go all in on YouTube, what feels more sustainable? What aligns with you and where do you feel most empowered?

Simply put:

Do you hate video? Then don't do YouTube!

Are you afraid but also excited by video? Then get on YouTube!

"When I hit that record button on that camera, there's still that flutter of butterflies and I'm nervous. I think that's a good thing." - Allie Van Fossen

Remember that it's really okay to not be everywhere. I like to say: What feels fun? Go all in on that platform and set the other things aside (for now). That will allow you more energy to focus and grow the areas of your business that really excite you.

Don't be afraid to niche down.