Yoga Marketing Is A Science Experiment

Updated: Apr 5

Conversation with Alison McLean

Have you ever thought “they don’t like me” or “there must be something wrong with this” when only one person signed up for your offering?

If so, you’re in good company because we all do this! And you’re about to hear a fantastic conversation about this happening in real life.

My guest Alison McLean is a yoga teacher, physical therapist and now a business coach for wellness entrepreneurs and she has such a powerful success story she’s sharing today.

While Alison has had sold out workshops many times in her career, she recently had an experience - just a month ago - where only one person signed up for an offering of hers.

Talk about a blow to confidence!

That’s the thing with running your own business, you’re going to see success with something one day but you might try the same thing 2 months later and see a “failure”.

Alison shares how she navigated this, what she called disappointment in herself at first, to shifting the experience to be a science experiment.

That’s right - instead of making the situation mean something like “they don’t like me” or “there must be something wrong with the offering” she looked at the data to see what she could change and make better.

Spoiler alert - she changed the marketing messaging and it worked immediately!

I love this story for many reasons, but the main one is because Alison didn’t give up on something just because of one experience that was less successful than others. She kept going, tweaked things, and was successful in the end. Plus, she gained even more tools on how to navigate this when it comes up again…because it will.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Alison and I know you will too because she speaks your language! She connects every bit of this to her yoga practice and looking inward to really understand ourselves.

Today’s message will inspire and educate you, so get ready!

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Alison's disappointing results

Alison recently had a launch that didn't go as she had hoped. She had been teaching for awhile and she taught webinars regularly where 40-60 people would register.

However, in this particular webinar, she had just one single person register. She wanted to sit there and and stew in a negative pity party.

"I was making it mean that no one liked me, no one liked what I was offering, all the things where we layer shame, judgement, and criticism on ourselves." - Alison McLean

Luckily, Alison was able to slow down, do a bit of self-study, and look at the data to see what else was going on. She tweaked some messaging, graphics, and email copy, and was able to shift her results and immediately had new people register for her webinar.

It was a huge confirmation and reminder to Alison to keep going forward!

Look at yoga marketing like a science experiment

"The data that's coming in in terms of numbers is just data. It's like a science experiment. You don't have to make it mean that you're a bad yoga teacher, that something's wrong with you, that you're not going to succeed in business. It doesn't mean any of that. It just means that we are grouping things together and creating our own story of it." - Alison McLean

When it comes to things not going how we want them to, we often create a story that’s not real and focus on “something is wrong with me."

The good news is that every yoga teacher has tools to handle moments like this that not every business owner has. Recognize the story you're telling yourself. How can you capture those thoughts and shift them? How can you look at this differently?

How to shift the "story" and look at it like a science experiment:

When things aren't going as planned, try exploring the following steps and then dissect the data and what you can change.

"Numbers don't lie, but feelings do." - Amanda McKinney

1. Slow down. We often start to hustle and do more when we need to slow down and take a pause. Breathe. Lengthen your exhale.

"For me it's slowing down. If I get into scarcity mindset, or fear or doubt, then I'll get into a sympathetic scarcity mindset and I'll start to hustle." - Alison McLean 2. Journal. You can ask yourself specific questions or themes to explore. Ideas: Safety, confidence, sufficiency, certainty. Ask yourself: “What’s the other perspective?” and “what do I currently believe about myself?” Get what's in your head onto paper.

3. Affirmations. Instead of using an outside affirmation or mantra that you read somewhere, make sure you pick something that resonates with you. Make sure it's relevant to your experiences and your beliefs.

"For me personally, when I'm trying to switch feelings or a belief system it's helpful for me to be the outside observer. What's the other perspective, and what do I already currently believe about myself?" - Alison McLean

4. Seal it in. Seal it all in with breath work or a short meditation, whatever practice works for you.

Remember: Slowing down is still taking action!

"If we just take 3-5 minutes to pause and then get right back into it, it can make whatever you're doing so much more impactful." - Alison McLean

Are you uncomfortable being visible?

I've noticed that a lot of yoga teachers aren't comfortable being visible when it comes to their marketing, whether it's on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or email. A lot of times that fear of visibility is stopping you from marketing your yoga business.

Alison started off this way, and now she's moved past the discomfort and even hosts her own podcast.