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Yoga Teacher Business Card Guide (Plus Free Templates!)

When one of my student's asked “I know it’s old-school but is a business card still relevant?”, the short answer is most definitely, absolutely yes!

A business card one of the best piece of marketing material you can have as a yoga teacher!

Free Yoga Teacher Business Card Guide + Templates >

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Why use a business card as a yoga teacher?

What's the number one reason people end up joining your class? ...

Most likely it's word of mouth. Whether you are telling them about it or someone else is telling them about you, it's the personal invite that makes the biggest impact.

Side note: I hope this encourages you that you don't have to be on social media all the time!

Here's where your business cards come in... it's the wingman (or wingwoman) to your word of mouth marketing. They offer the information that potential clients need; like a tiny billboard.

*This was also a podcast episode. If you'd like to listen instead of read, click the player below or search for Episode 19 of the Marketing Yoga With Confidence Podcast on any podcast player.

Business Cards Help You Fill Your Yoga Classes

Your business card should make that next step of connecting with you quick and easy. They fit in your yoga pants pocket, and people tend to like them, as opposed to brochures that are bigger.

“It's quick. It's short information. We live in a world that is a microwave society versus an oven society. We want things fast.”

Whether you're at a local coffee shop and strike up a conversation or at a networking event, your business card comes in handy in many places!

Your business card is a way for you to stay connected with people after you walk away from them. Even if your offerings are online, I don't want you to shy away from the idea of a business card. If you don’t have a business card, you could miss opportunities to connect with people who can help grow your business.

Having a business card as a yoga teacher helps you feel more 'legit' about your yoga business

Another benefit of business cards, is that they're really fun, and they make you feel ‘legit’. That's the thing about a business card. As soon as you get those business cards in the mail, you feel like a business owner. So as silly as it might sound, it makes you feel what you want to feel, and this is important.

So let's have fun with this!

What to include on your yoga teacher business card?


Make your business card two-sided, always. If you watch people when they first look at a business card they will always flip it over to see if there's something on the other side. Don't miss this opportunity!

FRONT = all the critical information

On that first side of a business card, you need to have your name, your title, contact information and where to get more information.

1. Name

2. Title

3. How to learn more

4. Contact info

The key here is that you want to pick the mode of communication that you want to have with your students/partners/clients.

In general, you do not have to have your phone number on a business card. A lot of people will tell you that you do, but the most important thing is to decide based on the way you work. If that's a personal phone number, go for it.

Another option is a separate business phone number, which can offer that boundary between your home and work life. The choice is yours!

Please don't forget to include the information that offers somewhere to learn more about you, and start to get more curious. People want to know a little bit more about you, and see how you could help them.

A website address is the ideal next step to list on your business card.

If you don't have a website yet, here are some additional resources for you to help you get started. I promise it's easier than it seems!

  • Offering Tree - an all-in-one website platform that serves as your website, email service, online scheduler and payment system!

  • Episode #82: The only things you need on your yoga business website

BACK = get creative!

Ideas: Design, Tagline, Your Niche, Your Picture

Think about the last time you received a business card. I bet you can remember flipping it over. That is because we do this as human beings, we’re always curious to see what’s on the other side.

So don't waste that space (or the opportunity). Instead, think about how you can use that second side to capture attention and showcase your personality.

All the critical information should be on side 1, but side 2 is where you can get creative. Here are a few ideas:

  • Include a design to help clients remember your brand

  • You could include a picture of you doing a yoga pose

  • Showcase your niche/tagline

  • Make a statement

Showcase your niche

I would encourage you to have a specific area you focus on in your work; to niche down. If you already know your niche, this is going to be simple for you. If you're not sure, go with ‘Yoga teacher’ on your business cards. Alternatively, if you want to grow your private client business, write ‘Private yoga teacher’.

Make a statement

This may help create a feeling. For example, I've seen a business card that's very, very simple, and it made a big impact. The only thing it said on the back with a little bit of color was…

Let's practice.

This statement creates a fun feeling around meditation, with…

Meditation is my jam

You may focus on the outcome of the sessions you provide, such as:

I help couples connect through yoga, or Yoga for relaxation and sleep.

The possibilities are endless!

Avoid these yoga teacher business card mistakes:

  • Don’t print hundreds! Start with a small print run - 50 is plenty

  • Don’t go with a bigger business card. The square option is okay but don’t go bigger than traditional size. Have fun with the design, but not with the size

  • Don’t make it hard to read. Make sure the print is legible. Don't go too small with the typeface

  • Go with a white business card with dark text. When it prints, it's easier on the eyes

  • Don't put too much information on the card, but also...

  • Don't miss any of that critical information

  • Avoid a ‘mystery’ card. This is where the person has to go to your website to know what you do - make it easy

Creative Yoga Teacher Business Card Design

Use a template

If you choose a design that has a lot going on, it's going to feel overwhelming to the person holding your business card. Instead, keep it simple and use a tried and tested template. Here’s a couple I recommend:

Use your brand colors

Choose 1 or 2 colors for your brand and stick with those colors throughout all of your marketing (business cards, website, etc). This helps everything feel cohesive.

Canva’s brand color generator will help you to grab the specific number code for the color to help keep everything consistent.

Printing Your Yoga Business Cards

Before you go to print, have someone else proof the cards for you. We need an extra pair of eyes with these things. My biggest advice is worth repeating: only print 50 the first time around

You can print directly from Canva or Moo (more business card tips are included in this week's FREEBIE - scroll down to the bottom to claim it!)

Celebrate the heck out it when they show up in your mailbox

Next steps

  • Download the freebie for this episode

  • Design and print 50 business cards

  • Take a picture and tag me on Instagram stories

  • Give away your 50 business cards as fast as you can!

  • Don’t overthink this, remember you’re only ordering 50.

Yoga Business Card Resources:


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