Yoga Teacher Conf - Denver 2022 - Recap By Amanda McKinney

Updated: May 3

Did you attend the Yoga Teacher Conf in Denver, CO in April 2022?

If you did, then you know it was such a wonderful event! But if you missed it, I hope to give you a recap that makes it feel as though you were there too (and hopefully you can join me at the next one!).

>> There will be a Yoga Teacher Conf happening in September 2022 in Chicago if you're interested. You can find all the details here.

Event Details Recapped

  • 3 day event

  • Hosted at the Hyatt Regency Conference Center

  • 175 yoga teachers in attendance

  • 40 diverse teachers/speakers

  • 40+ sessions to choose from

  • Several vendors/supporters of yoga teachers

  • Hosted by Allison Rissel and her incredible team of support

Overall, I can say that everyone in attendance was INCREDIBLE! The hotel was filled with positive people and positive energy for 3 full days. No matter where you walked, you were greeted with smiles and welcoming words. Every single person was ready to connect, learn and engage with others. As you walked down the conference hall, everyone you passed smiled and said hello. This may not seem like a big deal to many but if you've been to many corporate events, this isn't always the case so it was a welcomed change for me.

Another highlight for me was the diversity in the speakers/teachers. This is something that I hope we all look for in events as we're able to start traveling again and Yoga Teacher Conf delivered in this area. I wish I had taken pictures with everyone to truly show this but it was clear that diversity was an important component of the event. You can see the speaker line up HERE on the Yoga Teacher Conf website.

Amanda McKinney (left), Allison Rissel (middle), Shannon Crow (right)
Amanda McKinney (left), Allison Rissel (middle), Shannon Crow (right)

Allison and her team were present and ready to help every step of the way during the event. As a speaker, I felt very taken care of and appreciated. From the pre-event prep and communications to the at-event check-ins, everything was attended to. And as an attendee, this was felt as well. I was very cared for during this event and it was clear that the culture of the event was positive, inclusive and diverse - everything I'd hope for in an event.

My Highlights

I met Thrivers!!!!!!!

Amanda McKinney (left), Ashley (right)
Amanda McKinney (left), Ashley (right)

My membership, Thrive, is filled with yoga teachers from around the world and it's incredible that I get to say those words. I love that I can work with people that don't live in the same part of the world as me. It allows me to help more people and it's really neat to see how yoga is being shared all around.

But with that awesomeness, comes some disconnectedness since we can't all get together. While I didn't get to meet all the Thrivers in real life (that's a new dream of mine now!) I did get to meet a few and it was such a life-changing moment. To get to connect with yoga teachers I've worked with for YEARS and actually hug them in real life was so precious to me.

Amanda McKinney (left), Lauren (right)
Amanda McKinney (left), Lauren (right)

>> Click here to learn more about my membership, Thrive

I remembered that love meeting people in person!

While I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to work and learn online, it's no denying that I love, love, love being around people. This was my first event in several years, like most of us, and it was remarkable to be able to meet people in real life at this event.

Amanda McKinney (left), Jessica (right)
Just after the elevator moment - so fun! Amanda McKinney (left), Jessica (right)

To be able to hug and thank those people who came up to me and said "I listen to your podcast all the time". OMG! This was everything for me! One morning I was going downstairs and I stepped into the elevator and said "good morning" and the amazing woman who was in the elevator stopped for a minute and then said "you're Amanda McKinney. I listen to your podcast all the time". I immediately thanked her for this and said "let's take a picture together". This! This is what it was all about for me! Meeting people in real life that I've worked with or connected with in some way online. What a treat it was for me to have so many of these moments!

A special thank you goes out to everyone who stopped and talked with me at the event. It meant the world to me!

I connected with friends I've known for a while and new friends too!

I witnessed "lightbulb moments" and was able to celebrate in real life!

There were many of these moments but only one was captured. But over and over again during the event I would say "you don't have to do that" when someone would apologize or start to feel bad about not doing something from a marketing perspective (ex: using Instagram stories or Facebook, etc).

Amanda McKinney celebrating with Heather Lynn