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Calling all
business owners!

Yep! I want whatever this is

Save time and make money through creating a repeatable offering that you can use all year long so you can hit your business goals.

Exciting News...

…you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to make money in your business.


As a matter of fact, it’s better if you don’t do this.

I know this because I’ve tried it both ways and the “start from scratch” method is exhausting! Here's how it went for me:


➡️ Have an idea

➡️ Create the offering

➡️ Market the crap out of it

➡️ Get low sign ups

➡️ Feel defeated 


And then do it all over again the next time.


It feels like the only way to grow your business but it’s actually just stealing all of your energy.


There’s a better way my friend!




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Does this sound like you?

“I've actually tried so many things when it comes to my online business, and it feels like I've created a ton of work for myself and I'm unclear what is working best for my students/clients or not, and I'd love to have more focus.”


“I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I don’t have enough students to break even or make a profit. I need a sustainable method that I can re-use over and over again.”


“I’m looking for clarity & ease when it comes to marketing language and refining the launching offers process.” 


If you just thought “how did you know what I was thinking, Amanda” then keep on reading my friend because I created something special for you! 

*Also, I don’t have a video camera in your house, I’ve just worked with enough entrepreneurs to know what you’re going through and I want to help. 😘

You’re Invited To My Upcoming Training:





Never start from scratch ever again after you learn my Create, Rinse & Repeat Method. This method allows you to create a repeatable offer that you can use to hit your business goals. It can be applied to offerings you already have or wish to create! 


✅ CREATE your repeatable offering 

✅ RINSE your process (marketing) 

✅ REPEAT and see results 


This method was created after many attempts on my own of starting from scratch, learning from others and seeing what worked best for me. I found my own “secret sauce” but here’s the thing…that same sauce won’t work for you.

We have to find YOUR secret sauce! 


My Create, Rinse & Repeat Method helps you do just that!

You’ll step through the process to learn what your true differentiator is so you can create based on that and attract the best people for your offerings.


Then it’s all about repeating the process so you can optimize and continue to grow your business and serve your people. 


Let’s get you off that hamster wheel of starting from scratch!


Join me for this live training where I’ll share it all.

Sign Me Up!
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What's Included:

In addition to the 2 hour training where you learn the Create, Rinse & Repeat Method, you’ll also receive: 


  • Repeatable Results Workbook 

  • Launch Checklist (spreadsheet & PDF options)  

  • Timeline (spreadsheet & PDF options)  

  • Sales Page Template (examples and canva templates) 

  • Email Templates (google docs)  

  • Social Media Copy Templates (google docs) 


This training is taking place live on << DATE / TIME >>.

There will be a recording available if you can’t join live.

Investment = $97

I'm In! Sign me up!

This repeatable process can bring in thousands of dollars to your business but you can get it all for just $97!


Save Money & Energy By Creating Your

Repeatable Offering

Yes! I want to sign up!

Hey there!

I’m a coach who wants to help you work smarter, not harder. And trust me...I've done it the hard way and it's no fun. 

I want to share my Create, Rinse & Repeat Method with you so you don't have to struggle as long as I did. By using this method you save time and energy and make more money in the long run too! 


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you grow your business in a way that feels great for you!



How long will I have access?

Once the training takes place you'll have access to the recording for as long as the content exists in my content platform. I realize that sounds vague but here's the thing: I don't say "lifetime" because chances are I will remove the training at a later date when it needs to be updated. But in that event, I will communicate if I will be removing the content. 

What if I’m not happy? Can I get a refund?

At the risk of sounding rude (which I never want to be), this just won’t happen. Seriously, I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and shared this information. This method and these templates and to-do lists will save you HOURS of time and frustration. I know you will love it!

Since you will get immediate access and can download everything, there are no refunds with this product. But really….I know you will love it!


What format are all the files in and how are the lessons delivered?

The training will take place virtually and you will have access to the recording afterwards. 

All the templates are either Canva templates, images, google documents or PDFS. All are accessible and able to be downloaded or copied so you can edit and make changes.

So...are you ready to save time & make money? Let's do this!

Yes! I want to sign up!
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