Does the idea of "selling" make you cringe?

If so, you're not alone because I felt that way too!

I was not okay with the idea of selling, especially when it came to selling my services as a marketing coach. It was so uncomfortable for me and (no surprise here....) there was "money stuff" that came up and shaped these feelings of discomfort too. 

Enter my business coach, Steph Crowder. 

She's a business strategist and fan-freaking-tastic coach on selling! I  know because I was personally coached by her before she had this amazing course. 

I was actually one of her first customers that went through the course too and I'm here to tell you that it's awesome. 

Crickets to Customers

This course walks you step by step through the process of selling out your next offering. 

Whether you're looking to sell out a class series, workshop or private sessions - this process works for it all! 

It's part mindset and part super-tactical steps to take. 


Listen To The Podcast Episode:

Podcast Episode: Make More Money Selling Your Way with Steph Crowder

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