SEO for Yoga Teachers

Do you want more students in your yoga classes? 

-- (Did I hear you just say.......HECK YES!!!!) -- 

Then it's time to play nice with Google 

But I know this can be intimidating - at least it was for me. 

Since it's impossible to be an expert on all things I have coaches for things in my business too. And this is one area that I knew I needed an expert. 

Introducing...Meg Casebolt




And get this -- she's a yoga teacher too!!! That's right, this SEO powerhouse speaks "yoga teacher" too and she knows the struggle of getting students into class. 

She breaks down SEO (search engine optimization) into bite-sized pieces so we can take it one step at a time. 

Below are all the resources for Meg: 

Podcast Episode: 
I interviewed Meg and she shares the 6 Steps to Getting Your Yoga Business Found on Google

FREE Guide:

6 Steps to Getting Your Yoga Business Found on Google 

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Meg's Courses:
**I'm an affiliate for Meg's courses. If you join through these links I will get a special 'thank you' from you and for that I say thank you right back!!! You're supporting me bringing you these resources. 

SEO Set Up Success

This is where you want to start if you aren't sure how to get everything set up on your website. 

SEO Set Up Success
Attract & Activate

This is the next step when you're ready to look into keywords and you're either sharing consistent content or ready to take that step.