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Do you know my awesome friend, Shannon?


I can't recommend her enough! 

Shannon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to teaching yoga, running a business and 2 very specific things: 

  1. Helping yoga teachers niche down

  2. Helping yoga teachers learn more about Pelvic Health


Want help niching down? 


Shannon and I teamed up in this training and talk all about why niching down (specializing) is helpful for you as a yoga teacher and how exactly to go through this process. 

We share examples and Shannon even created a workbook for you to help you through this step by step. You don't want to miss this training! 

Looking To Learn More About Pelvic Health?

Shannon has a GREAT membership that's packed with information!!


Click here or the image below to check out all the content and guest experts - it's SO GOOD!

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