Social Media & Design Tools


Save time and energy with these tools for social media and design for your yoga business.

*Some links are affiliate links which means I could make a commission if you choose to buy. And for that I say 'Thank you friend!'. No prices were increased in order to do this, in fact some prices are lowered as a special deal for my audience!

Later is a scheduling tool for Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest. This will save you so much time!

Canva is your graphic designer -- for FREE! There are tons of templates and images available for you. You'll love it!

Absolute Facebook Ads is a course from my FB ad coach - Claire Pelletreau. She's amazing to learn from when you're ready to jump into the world of ads. 

Snag your copy of 50 (yes, 50!) social media post templates just for you and your awesome yoga business. They're broken down into sections so you can grab the exact one you need in the moment.