The only thing standing between you and a THRIVING yoga business is...

Taking Action

Sounds simple but taking action is HARD! 

  • We overthink things

  • We get in our own way 

  • We essentially stop ourselves from making progress 

Sound familiar? 😉




Imagine this...

➡️ Instead of mindlessly scrolling on were answering DM's from students who are EXCITED to learn more from you? 

➡️ Instead of taking an hour to draft an email (that...let's face it, you might not even send), you were seeing registrations for your next workshop come through from the email you did send! 

➡️ Instead of feeling scattered and alone in running a yoga business, you have a community of support.  

This IS possible and it's within your grasp right now.

With monthly templates in...


“By the end of the day I had 3 new private clients from one post, and a drop in... And funny enough - this felt like one of the easiest posts to put together”


- Dominique  

What I Hear All-The-Time

(aka: you aren't alone)

➡️  "I struggle filling classes and getting comfortable marketing my classes"


➡️  "Is it possible to learn how to market on social media without getting overwhelmed"


➡️  "I need help finding marketing that doesn't take me hours and hours because I have a full teaching schedule"

➡️  "Can you just tell me what to say on social media"

If it sounds like I just read your mind it's because I've been working with yoga teachers, just like you for several years now. 


As a matter of fact I have over 1,000 answers to this question and all of it comes down to a few things: 

(1) Feeling scattered and overwhelmed with where to start 

(2)Not knowing the words to say to fill your classes  

Well....sound about right?

If so, I've got GREAT news for you!!!! 

I can take away the scattered feeling plus write your words for you so that you can: 


✅ Write your social media posts in minutes and get back to what you really love...teaching!


Spend more time creating your next workshop instead of spending hours writing the email to promote it.

✅ Reach out to a community of supportive yoga business owners instead of feeling like you're doing this business-thing alone. 



Mad Libs For Your Marketing 

Remember the game where you insert a few words but then you had an entire story at the end?


Imagine that for your marketing where I write your monthly email and weekly social media posts and all you have to do is adapt it to your specific yoga business. 🎉


“I was skeptical at first...but using this script I got more likes from than anything I’ve ever posted to my page in the history of my being on Facebook. Mind blown.”


- Andrea

Here's How It Breaks Down: 

✅ 1 monthly theme 

✅ 1 monthly email 

✅ 12 social media posts 

✅ Monthly Q&A Calls

✅ Quarterly Business Check Ins

✅ Advanced Trainings

✅ Private Community 

The nitty-gritty details...


Monthly Q&A Calls 

Where you can get your marketing & business questions answered. Even if you can't attend live, all questions are submitted before the call and answered live. The replay is uploaded into the membership portal after the call. Calls happen on the 4th Thursday of each month. 

Quarterly Business Check Ins 

Running a yoga business is more than just marketing so I've included quarterly business check ins so you can ensure you're on track to hit your goals. During these calls you won't share your financials with others but it's a reminder to check in and then come together to ask questions. There are 3 check-ins per year, plus a 4th Planning Party to plan your goals for the next business year. 

Advanced Trainings

You get the basics with the templates (email + social media) but what about when you're ready for more? It's covered in the advanced trainings that happen 3 times per year. Topics covered have included Facebook Ads, Launching, and Sales Funnels.  

Private Community

Hosted on Circle (similar to Facebook but with less distractions!) is a super-supportive community of yoga teachers who are not only ready to build their business but also ready to support you too! The encouragement, support and advice in this group is POWERFUL! Many have joined Thrive for the trainings and the templates but it's the community that everyone can't get enough of!  

Check Out The 2021 Calendar For Thrive

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But instead of me going on and on, here are some words from some of the

Thrive members: 


It’s an all-inclusive membership that feels exclusive


There’s something for everyone and everyone is taken care of. 


- Megan

It’s a balance of support and meeting you where you are, challenging and stretching you too. It’s a community that can serve you in every part of your journey - from the beginning of your business all the way to advanced challenges.


- Kendi


Thrive is a warm, enthusiastic supportive group of yoga teachers and marketing professionals helping each other grow a successful yoga business!


- Jennie

A place to learn and connect with others in a warm, genuine and supportive way. A group of friends who inspire you to keep going, keep growing and dive deeper. Lots of value in the trainings but equally much value just being part of the group. ❤️

- Pia 


I love that I have access to someone that has more ideas and can help me refine my ideas.


It’s also a unique community of yoga teachers that actually want to grow their business. Not those who aren’t taking action, those who are ready to actually grow, try new ideas and encourage one another. 

- Inga 

Join Thrive TODAY and get:


But here's what really matters: 


You will save time and energy and gain organization.


I witness yoga teachers every day worried about what to post, or spending hours on writing emails.


I want you to save time and energy so you can do more of what you love -- teaching yoga and spending time IN your life outside of teaching. 


If you're ready to stop wondering "what to write", and stop feeling scatteredThrive is for you! 

“I have my posts and emails scheduled! I wasn’t sure if I would get this done with my work schedule and solo parenting because I only have a few hours a week after the kids go to bed!”


- Maggie

Got questions?! I’ve got answers for ya…

Do I have to use the template exactly? 

No, you can adapt the template to your specific yoga business and tone of voice. As a matter of fact this is the best way to use the template - as inspiration. Inside Thrive you will see a video on the formula for any marketing content you share and then each month you will receive the templates that you can adjust using that formula.

What do you mean by monthly theme? 

Great question! If you haven’t taken my course, Confident Yoga Marketing, this idea might not be familiar to you. The idea is that you choose a monthly theme that relates to your niche/current offerings so that it’s easier to create your email and social media posts. When you have a monthly theme you will talk about that theme all month. For example if you wanted to share about the “Benefits Of Yoga” that could be your theme that would inform your email and social media posts to make it easier. So each month I choose the theme for you and write an email and 12 social media posts for you related to that theme. If that theme doesn’t fit your niche, you can use it as inspiration to adapt it for yourself. Remember, everything is adaptable but the templates give you a place to start and a structure to help you with consistency.

What If I’m Not Using Social Media? 

This is 100% okay if you don’t want to use social media but it is a big part of the templates so the template only option might not be best for you. However, if you wanted to take the social media templates and use them for other ways of promoting your yoga business, you could! For example, you could use the social media templates for personal outreach through messages, use them on WhatsApp or another form of groups/forums that you use. But if you’re looking for more customized ideas for your business, I would recommend joining Thrive VIP so you could ask these questions.

Can I cancel anytime? 

Absolutely. You can cancel your membership anytime.

What about refunds? Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy? 

Since the membership includes templates that can be downloaded immediately, there are no refunds. However if you’re unhappy, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Well...I'll ask how I can do better but other than that, no questions asked 😉

Let's Recap...


Are you ready to THRIVE?