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When you're Thriving,
you're working BETTER, not more.

If you feel like you're juggling all.the.things but still REALLY want to grow your business, it's time to simplify in order to Thrive. 

By setting a 90-Day-Goal and tracking your progress, you will achieve your goal. And this is exactly where I can help you. 

You're Invited to Thrive

A membership community that educates and supports entrepreneurs who want to create a business that integrates into their life instead of taking over it.

Thrive has two components:

Thrive Content Hub 

Filled with trainings, templates and lessons to help you find the marketing strategies that work best for you and your business.


But it all centers around setting a 90 Day Goal and tracking your progress along the way. This is how you can go from struggling to Thriving! 

Thrive Community 

Filled with other entrepreneurs who are ready to help you explore ideas, share advice, celebrate with you and lift you up when you need a boost.


Connecting with others and understanding that you’re not alone on an island. This makes all the difference in the world!

All this for just $59 a month! 

Thrive is closed. Enter your info below to be added to the waitlist


Meet The Founder

Hi! I’m Amanda McKinney and I love supporting passionate entrepreneurs!


You are doing AMAZING things in this world (that’s why I have a passion for helping you reach more people!) but you often work alone and because of that, loneliness and doubt can easily take over. Which leads to overthinking and not as much progress.


Thrive is my answer to these struggles. By sharing my marketing education with you, you’re equipped with answers and by bringing you together with other like-minded entrepreneurs, you have the support to implement what you’ve learned. 


I’d love for you to become the next Thriver so I can support you in creating your Thriving business!

- Amanda


“Thank you!! Having this community has made such a difference in my confidence as an entrepreneur.


I feel like I've not only joined a business coaching community, but I've also gained a group of friends I can turn to in good times and in bad.”   

Let’s Talk Details - Here’s What’s Included:

Private Community

Hosted on Circle, like Facebook but with less distractions

Goal Support

Set your 90 Day Goal and progress tracking built in


Marketing Trainings & Templates

Launching, Sales Pages, Blogging, SEO, Engagement, Social Media and more

Guest Experts

Learn from experts in different marketing strategies


Monthly Q&A Calls

Hosted on Zoom, get your questions answered



Receive discounts on other offerings


But all of the education means nothing if you don’t take action so there’s accountability built in as well!

90 Day Goal Focus

Annual goals are great but they often get forgotten about or feel overwhelming. In Thrive we focus on 90 day goals that feel more manageable and you can see the progress happening. 


It’s amazing how much this process helps you make progress but don’t take it from me - look at this Thriver’s words:


Thrive is closed but you can join the waitlist

If you're worried about this being too much for you

Thrive does include a lot but it’s broken down into sections based on the season you’re experiencing in your business and life.

➡️ Just Starting

You’re ready to set the foundation for your business, meaning make decisions for your business model & goals, marketing channels, dream student and offerings.

➡️ Looking For Stability

You want more students in the offerings you have, are getting clearer each day on your dream student and trying to figure out how to get students that fit into your ideal business plan for you.


➡️ Need A Break

You’re in a season where you need to be in maintenance mode and not growth mode.


Plus you don't have to be active all.the.time inside Thrive


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having your consistent voice of encouragement through the membership offerings.


Even if they’ve been in the background for me, I take comfort in knowing I could “plug in” anytime I wanted, when I was ready. Thank you”        - Kelli

See inside Thrive:

So what do you say? You ready to join me and the other Thriver's? 

Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when the doors open again.


“I just signed two 4-figure clients!


Thank you Amanda for helping me lay the strong foundation of my business, inspiration to put systems in place, how to market and feel good doing it and for cheering me along the entire time.”


- Lauren

Some of the Thriver's wanted to share this with you...


It’s an all-inclusive membership that feels exclusive


There’s something for everyone and everyone is taken care of. 


- Megan

It’s a balance of support and meeting you where you are, challenging and stretching you too. It’s a community that can serve you in every part of your journey - from the beginning of your business all the way to advanced challenges.


- Kendi


A place to learn and connect with others in a warm, genuine and supportive way. A group of friends who inspire you to keep going, keep growing and dive deeper. Lots of value in the trainings but equally much value just being part of the group. ❤️

- Pia 

Become a Thriver for just $59 USD!

Thrive is currently closed but you can get on the waitlist to be the first
to know when the doors open again. 

Got questions?! I’ve got answers for you…

I don't live in the United States, what are the timezones for everything?

Great question! There are actually many Thriver's who don't live in the US so you're in good company. I do my best to offer different times for the calls we have in Thrive so that there are calls that you can attend but it's tough. However, there are ALWAYS replays available and the way I run Q&A calls is that you submit your questions before the call so I answer your question if you can't be there live. 


Can I cancel anytime? 

Absolutely. You can cancel your membership anytime.


What about refunds? Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy? 

Since the membership includes templates that can be downloaded immediately, there are no refunds. However if you’re unhappy, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Well...I'll ask how I can do better but other than that, no questions asked 😉


Do I have to use the templates exactly? 

No, you can adapt the template to your specific business and tone of voice. As a matter of fact this is the best way to use the template - as inspiration. Inside Thrive you will see a video on the formula for any marketing content you share and then each month you will receive the templates that you can adjust using that formula. >>Here's an example of how one yoga teacher has updated the templates for her business 

What do you mean by monthly theme for the marketing templates? 

Great question! The idea is that you choose a monthly theme that relates to your niche/current offerings so that it’s easier to create your email and social media posts. When you have a monthly theme you will talk about that theme all month. For example if you wanted to share about the “Benefits Of X” that could be your theme that would inform your email and social media posts to make it easier. So each month I choose the theme for you and write an email and 12 social media posts for you related to that theme. If that theme doesn’t fit your niche, you can use it as inspiration to adapt it for yourself. Remember, everything is adaptable but the templates give you a place to start and a structure to help you with consistency.

What If I’m Not Using Social Media? 

This is 100% okay if you don’t want to use social media. However, if you wanted to take the social media templates and use them for other ways of promoting your yoga business, you could! For example, you could use the social media templates for personal outreach through messages, use them on WhatsApp or another form of groups/forums that you use. 

Are you ready to THRIVE?

Thrive is currently closed. Enter your info below to get on the waitlist

Let's Recap

Thrive is a membership community that educates and supports entrepreneurs who want to create a business that integrates into your life instead of taking over it. 


All the content meets you where you are in your business journey and your fellow Thrivers are ready to support and encourage you where you are as well.


Thrive includes: 

✅ Private Community

✅ Marketing Trainings

✅ Templates

✅ Monthly Q&A Call

✅ Discounts

All for just $59 USD per month!

But if you’re ready to commit (which I hope you are!) you can save 20% when you sign up for a full quarter. 

Thrive is currently closed

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