Website Tools


Your website is your home online so let's make that home AWESOME! Here are my go-to tools for websites. 

*Some links are affiliate links which means I could make a commission if you choose to buy. And for that I say 'Thank you friend!'. No prices were increased in order to do this, in fact some prices are lowered as a special deal for my audience!


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create your website, Offering Tree is the way to go! All the basics are covered!


Looking for a scheduler for your website so students can book with you online? Acuity makes it easy for you.


Share your virtual classes online through Zoom. Pretty much everyone knows how to use it by now =)


Want to create a fun quiz? This is the software for you! It's easy to use and fun for your students. Give it a shot - I know you'll love it,'s free to sign up!


Teachable is a system to host online courses and memberships in a quick and easy way. Share videos, audio and take payment too!

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Once you have a website, you need to get your SEO (search engine optimization) tools set up. Meg walks you through this step-by-step in her SEO Set Up Success course.


Ready to dive even deeper with SEO? Meg's Attract & Activate course is the all-in course that shows you how guessed it, attract and activate your students with your website.