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Include a marketing section inside your Yoga Teacher Training without creating it!

It's possible! And it's because I KNOW you just spent a l-o-n-g time, and tons of energy, putting together your incredible 200 or 300 hour teacher training. 


So before I tell you how you can make this simple addition, let me be the first to congratulate you on all your hard work! Because you did GREAT!!!

🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 


But let’s face's HARD to try and fit everything into 200 or 300 hours. It seems like a lot but it's never enough.


When you need to cut something out and it comes down to whether you will spend more time teaching anatomy and pose breakdowns or if you will dive into the part about marketing a yoga class…the answer is easy.


Yoga poses and anatomy win every time! 


The marketing stuff gets cut quickly or sometimes never makes it in the plan in the first place. 


  • Maybe it’s because you don’t want to teach it. 

  • Maybe it’s because it never crossed your mind to include it.


Or maybe…just maybe…if you’re really honest with yourself you don’t feel qualified to teach the marketing stuff inside your training.

Plus it’s not fun for you either!


But if you reflect on how you grew your business, then you know marketing was a critical part of this journey. 


So wouldn’t it be nice if you could include the marketing lessons inside your training but you didn’t have to actually create the curriculum? 


If you’re basically screaming “heck yeah!” right now then keep on reading my friend because I’ve got great news for you! That dream has become a reality for you! 


This 4-credit-hour curriculum breaks down how to market yoga classes in a simple way and the best news is that all you have to do, as the training director, is hit play. Seriously, that's all and here's how easy this will be for you...

Hit play on the video below to get a sneak peek of the curriculum ⬇️

The curriculum has been tested in multiple yoga teacher trainings over the past year:


Not to mention these incredible words from students:

“So helpful and empowering! I don’t feel as scared to promote myself”

“Extremely helpful”

“It was actually doable for someone who is not on social media at all.”

“Thank you for making marketing so easy and simple to understand!”

Let’s take a look at what everyone’s raving about…

Marketing Yoga Academy Syllabus



Students will get acquainted with Amanda through a story and a guided exercise of creating a business vision. This sets the stage for the entire curriculum as it empowers the student to start thinking of themselves as a business owner. 


Make Marketing Fun

Amanda calls attention to the fact that most yoga teachers aren’t in love with the idea of marketing or running a business. But in this module, Amanda shares how marketing can be fun using one simple tactic. And it’s not all talk either, students learn some of the science behind how to create a positive marketing habit.


Automagic Marketing

Most people think when they see another person doing marketing successfully that it’s “magic” and that person knows something that they don’t. In this module, Amanda shares behind the curtain about why this seems like magic but it’s really just a good plan that includes a website platform, email marketing and word of mouth marketing. All of which are explained in this module. 


The Fuss Free Marketing Formula

In this module, Amanda shares the exact formula that yoga teachers can use for any marketing they ever try. That’s right - this formula gives them the paint-by-numbers approach to writing any marketing. Specific examples are given to really showcase how this can work for them.


A Marketing Plan for Real People

What’s the most important marketing plan? It’s a repeatable process for connecting with clients on a weekly basis. Amanda debunks the myths of “secret sauce” marketing methods and explains how yoga teachers can create a plan for breaking through the mental barrier of “I can’t do this.”


The Building Blocks of Branding

Marketing and Branding are different but many people think of them as the same. In this module, Amanda shares the difference between the two and then walks through the step by step process of creating a strong foundation for a personal brand as a yoga teacher. And yes, she definitely talks about the mindset around this too because thinking of yourself as a personal brand is tough! We get into lots of mindset work in this one.


Know Your Niche

While this step might not happen for your yoga students right away, this is the module that sets them up for long term success down the road. Yoga teachers often get to a point where they think “how can I compete with all the yoga teachers out there” and this is the part that helps. Niching down and understanding where they want to specialize is what will ultimately help them. This module shares how to think about niching down when the time is right for them.


Make It Your Own

In this wrap up module, Amanda shares how to integrate all the information they’ve learned throughout the curriculum into their yoga business. There’s lots of encouragement in this module as well as a clear identification of what their next steps can be.

After completing this part of your training, your students will be better equipped to achieve success as a yoga teacher business owner and bring even more students into your studio!


So let’s team up and set your students up for success together!


How does this work exactly?

It’s super simple! Remember when you were in school and they would pop in a video (hello VHS tapes and carts with giant TV’s on them!) and a “guest teacher” would teach on a specific subject and the classroom teacher sat off to the side, hit play and relaxed a bit? That’s how this works. The curriculum has been tested and developed for you so you don’t have to do any of the prep work. All you have to do as the training director is “hit play” (or instruct your students to watch specific modules at specific times) and let the students consume the information. 


But don’t worry, we’ve even got a “train the trainer” program built into this initial launch of the curriculum. So you get the extra bonus of getting live coaching on how to implement this into your already amazing training! 

When do I get access as the training director and how long will I have access? 

You will receive access as soon as you purchase the curriculum. Immediately you will be able to access 100% of the curriculum. You will have access to the curriculum for 1 year after the purchase.

What about the students, how long do they have access to the curriculum? 

Your students will have access to the curriculum for 6 months after they are enrolled into the program. How this works is that once your training enrollment is complete, you send us a list of your students names and email addresses and we will get them enrolled in the program for you within 1 week. They will then have access to the curriculum for 6 months so they can revisit the information anytime during that period.

Is there an additional fee per student?
This is an all inclusive price for the first 10 schools that sign up. My goal is to make it really accessible for trainings like yours to be able to incorporate a marketing section in your training to give you the added benefit in your training AND to give your teachers additional keys to success in their yoga teacher career as well. So that's why the price is so affordable. All you pay is the 1 year fee and all your students are enrolled. 

Who’s teaching this curriculum? 

Amanda McKinney is the teacher of this curriculum. Amanda has been working with yoga teachers for years and runs a successful online membership helping yoga teachers create and build a thriving yoga business. You can learn more about Amanda here.

What’s OfferingTree’s involvement with this curriculum? 

What we like to say is that Amanda McKinney is the creator and teacher of this curriculum but it’s “Powered By” OfferingTree. Before Amanda was connected with Offering Tree she was already recommending this incredible company to yoga teachers so they’ve decided to partner on this project. 


But don’t worry, it’s not a sales pitch for OfferingTree inside this training! Amanda does recommend OfferingTree during the website section and the curriculum itself is hosted on OfferingTree so you can experience the ease of use but it’s not a sales pitch.

Does this curriculum adhere to Yoga Alliance standards? 

Absolutely! This curriculum is not backed by Yoga Alliance since that’s not something they offer but it has been created to work with their standards so you can use this when you get your yoga teacher training school approved through them. The section of the standards that it can apply towards are: Section 2: Teaching Methodology and 6: Remaining Contact Hours & Elective Hours.

Amanda McKinney is a partner with Yoga Alliance and they share her work on their website here:

What if I have more questions? Who do I ask? 

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Please email Amanda directly at and she will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Please use this as your subject line: YTT Curriculum Questions

Let's Recap

Inside Marketing Yoga Academy you will have access to:

  • 8 Video Modules (all you have to do is hit play!)

  • Worksheets accompanying each module to ensure comprehension

  • Additional resources so you’re not spending time googling when students ask you questions about marketing.



$597 USD 

For much less than the price of one student in your training you will save HOURS of time building and teaching this curriculum. Plus your students will be set up for success which will have them raving about your training! 

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