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Increase Accountability In Your Mastermind

Provide accountability to your members without adding anything to your plate.

Your members see results, and I help you increase client retention and grow your mastermind.


“You are 95% more likely to succeed by simply directing accountability to a third party.” (American Society Of Training & Development)

“There is utility in having one person that is a so-called accountability buddy if that person is really just strictly addressing accountability.”  Dr. Andrew Huberman (The Huberman Lab Podcast)

By staying focused and following through with what they said they would do, clients have...

Finished writing a book in 3 months after thinking about it for years.

Achieved their highest revenue months

Increased webinar registrations from 30 to 450 and had 79 sales.

Consistently sent 75 pitches per week to hit capital fundraising goal.

What You & Your Members Get:

An experienced Accountability Coach who is ready to hold everyone accountable and ask “did you do what you said you were going to do and if not, why?”. By having someone who is strictly there to hold them accountable, they will make more progress, quicker.

  • 60 Minute Kick Off Session (Zoom) - sharing my Follow-Thru Framework and get to know your members

  • Weekly Accountability Tracking - as the leader you'll have access to this so you have even more insight into your members progress

  • Weekly Accountability Working Session - an optional call that members can attend for co-working time for an additional layer of accountability

  • Testimonials - throughout our partnership, I'll gather testimonials from your members as they hit milestones and deliver them to you


Overall, your members will see results and that leads to increased retention and growth for your membership. Launching is tough but I'll be your partner now so your next launch is easier. 

I know each mastermind is unique so during our discovery call we can discuss the best options for your group. 


What Our Clients Say:

“I've accomplished more in these last 2.5 months than I have in the last 2.5 years. Accountability works!” - Amy B. 

“I am more motivated than ever. You're a powerhouse Amanda!" - Shelley

"The transformative adjustments I’ve implemented in my life through Amanda’s guidance have resulted in significant enhancements in my productivity and overall efficacy.” - Amy S. 

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Amanda McKinney, an Accountability Coach on a mission to help people follow through so they feel (and are) successful.


I’d love to partner with you as a mastermind leader to support your members…and you!

By directing accountability to a third party your members are 95% more likely to see results and that means more retention and growth for your mastermind.


Accountability works and I hope to be supporting your mastermind members soon.


Ready To Increase Accountability?

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