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Elevate Your Team's Results

Lack of accountability = lower employee engagement which costs companies $450-$500 billion dollars each year.*

Teams with higher accountability are 21% more profitable.*

Individuals taking accountability of their actions, decisions & outcomes is critical and can be accomplished through this workshop.


82% of managers state that they have “limited to no” ability to hold others accountable successfully*

91% of employees state that “effectively holding others accountable” is one of their company’s top leadership-development needs* 


Individuals taking accountability of their actions, decisions and outcomes is critical.

We Help Teams:

Clearly understand the impact accountability has on goal achievement

Know the differences between responsibility and accountability

Understand the root causes of accountability gaps & why they arise

Create and implement strategies to enhance both individual and team accountability


Our Typical Engagements:

INSPIRE YOUR TEAM (60 Minute Keynote)

  • Designed to partner with forward-thinking team leaders like yourself, Amanda McKinney presents an inspiring and actionable workshop: Drive Accountability Through A Culture of Ownership

  • 60 Minute Keynote

BUILD STRATEGIES (4 Hour Workshop)

  • Amplify the inspiration from the workshop and through interactive exercises, empower your team with the tools necessary to foster a culture of ownership and achievement within your organization.

  • 4 Hour Workshop (morning sessions only)

INCREASE PERFORMANCE (Ongoing Accountability)

  • Foster lasting positive change and sustained high performance through accountability sessions designed to reinforce workshop principles and strategies.

  • Frequency of accountability sessions are determined based on needs and number of team members

*We’re happy to mix and match these options to fit your team’s needs.

*In-Person and Virtual Options Available. 


What Our Clients Say:

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"I really appreciated Amanda's approach to self-accountability. Her workshop at one of our VEST Sessions was super valuable to our members seeking to stay productive without burning out. Definitely recommend Amanda's Productivity and Accountability coaching methods."

- Erika, Founder of StitchCrew and VEST Her Ventures


“Actionable, inspiring, relatable. Amanda’s ability to connect with a diverse group of emerging leaders and c-suite executives was remarkable. She spoke with passion and authenticity, sharing practical strategies that left us all feeling empowered to take immediate action. I left the session inspired and equipped to take back to my organization and drive my career forward.”

- Kourtney, TINGE


“Amanda is relatable, motivating, enthusiastic and brought the topic of accountability to life in a way that’s accessible and inspiring.


Her deep understanding of how accountability impacts goal achievement provided practical, actionable insights.”

- Jessica, Prodigy & Co.


"The standout quality of collaborating with Amanda lies in her remarkable blend of visionary recommendations and their practicality.

It's resulted in significant enhancements in my productivity." 

- Amy, Last Nights Game

Meet Your Coach

Amanda McKinney is a recognized Accountability Coach, author of Amazon Best Seller: Why Not You? An Accidental Entrepreneur’s Guide To Success and host of the top-rated podcast: The Unapologetic Entrepreneur.


As an Accountability Coach she helps individuals and teams increase accountability so they can truly see results. 


"Super powerful workshop!" - Becca

“I am more motivated than ever. You're a powerhouse Amanda!" - Shelley

Ready To Invest In Your Team?

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