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2 questions to decide the best freebie to help you grow your small business

Updated: Jun 29

You’ve heard me say this before: A freebie will help you grow your email list and your small business.

But how do you choose what your freebie will be?

I hear this all the time, and it’s a really tough question! There are so many options. I have created hundreds of freebies in my business. Sometimes it takes awhile to find that magic one that helps you grow your email list.

As a coach, I have helped so many people try to figure out what their freebie could be and I had a lightbulb moment the other day.

I’ve come up with 2 questions that will guide you through choosing. In this article, I'll show you how to navigate them so you can finally make a decision.

Let’s jump in and figure out what your small business freebie should be!

Focus on one offering in your small business

First, think of the offering that you want to grow. You may have a lot of things going on: group classes, private sessions, workshops, and other things.

But if you were to grow just one single offering, which of these things would most help move your business forward?

Is it a course you’ve created? Is it group sessions? Is it one-on-one work?

Is it a monthly membership?

Whichever of these revenue streams you want to focus on growing, I want you to think of that specifically throughout this process.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #88). Use the player below if you'd rather listen to this message.

Is that offering solving a problem or is it serving a desire for your small business clients?

Think about your main offering. Is it a need or a want?

  • If you’re solving a problem, there’s a pain point and they are looking for relief. This is more of a need.

  • If you’re serving a desire, that’s more of a luxury item. It’s a nice-to-have. It’s a want.

Is your offering a need or a want?

If it is a need, you’re going to go down one path. If it’s a want, you’re going to go down a different path.

(There’s no right or wrong answer here. Both are awesome.)

Two examples to help illustrate this:

  • Yoga for Back Pain - This would be a need. The person who needs your offering is struggling; they need relief, and they have a pain point that you can help with.

  • One-on-One Work - This is a want. This is the nice-to-have option, and it’s more of a luxury versus a DIY option.

Image of a computer: How to choose the freebie for your small business

If your offer is solving a problem for your small business clients

If you've decided you're solving a problem, then you're talking about a need. Ask yourself the following question:

If someone was crying on your doorstep about their problem, what would you give them for quick relief?

There’s nothing wrong with a 50-page ebook, a quiz, or a course. But if someone was wouldn’t give them a 50-page ebook. You would give them a quick-fix that would help them experience some relief with their problem.

Something short, quick and easy that you can deliver to them immediately. That’s your freebie!

If your offer is serving a a desire for your small business clients

On the other hand, if you've decided your offer is serving a desire, then you you're talking about a want.

Your students don’t need quick relief for that. No one is typically crying on your doorstep about a desire or a want.

Ask yourself the following question:

What is something fun they can experience that gives them a taste of your offering?

With the need, you’re looking for quick relief. With a want, you’re looking for a quick experience.

What is something they can experience and then say, "Ooh, I want more of that!" That's what you want to give them. Is it a fun PDF? A quick video? Is it a list of affirmations? A quiz?

Whatever it is that will give them a quick taste and experience of your offering, then that's your freebie!

Person typing on a computer: How to choose your freebie for your small business

To summarize, if you can answer these questions:

Is it a need or a want?

And depending on the answer to that question, then:

What would I give them if they were crying? --or--

What will give them a fun experience of my offering?

Then that will give you the answer on what your freebie will be. Because it will either solve the problem or give them a quick experience.

I'm a walking example of this process: I’ve created hundreds of freebies throughout the years, and none of the have been as good as my Define Success On Your Own Terms Free Guide.

Want to know why? Because it solves your desire of doing things on your terms. Chances are you're either:

  1. Not happy with your current career and are looking for a change...hello accidental entrepreneurship!

  2. Chasing other people's definition of success so even if you're "successful" on paper, you're unhappy.

If you'd like to define success on your terms, enter your info below to get instant access to this freebie! And yes, this will add you to my email list where I share helpful tips for accidental entrepreneurs every week.

Your next step

Go through and answer those questions for your business, decide what your freebie is going to be, and then go create it!

Don’t overthink this. Just go through the questions and create something so that you can help people right now - today!

Until next time, give yourself permission to create a freebie and grace along the way.

Podcast Episode Image: 2 Questions To Decide The Best Freebie For Your Small Business

"If one of your clients was crying on your doorstep about their problem, what would you give them for quick relief?"

- Amanda McKinney


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