Ep 11: Behind-the-Scenes: Just before I hit the GO button in my launch

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Ep 11: Behind-the-Scenes: Just before I hit the GO button in my launch

As promised I’m taking you behind the scenes of my Membership launch. And this episode was recorded just 48 hours before the doors open and the launch is in full swing! So it’s packed with real-life emotion and real talk about how I feel just days before everything is live.

Key Takeaways:

(01:19) My membership is OPEN!

(02:45) The emotions of a launch.

(04:17) So far - my launch plan is on track!

(06:33) I prepared my family for this launch - launching is stressful! Please give me some grace! <3

(09:31) Before the launch, I did a lot of list building. Building an email list is so critical!

(12:28) My numbers from my training & video challenge - how'd they stack up to what I predicted?

"You can write something on paper, but how it works in real life is usually different."

(15:12) Two things I think I could have done differently to get more people in the challenge: promoting it earlier & run more ads.

(16:20) An example of a webinar and conversion rates: 50% of people who view your opt-in page will sign up.

(17:06) Of that 50% typically only 36% will show up to something that is free.

(17:46) Of that 36% only %19 are likely to convert to your paid offer.

(18:06) My numbers - I want 100 teachers in my membership! What would my webinar numbers be?

"You have to think about the numbers. But you can also leave a little room in there for some magic."

(18:06) My numbers - I want 100 teachers in my membership! What should my webinar numbers be?

(19:45) Don't put your eggs all in one basket (aka don't depend on one webinar to pull in everyone to your offer).

(20:59) How can you use someone else's audience to help meet your goals?

(21:09) I have an affiliate program for my founding members.

(23:50) Detach yourself from the numbers - try hard to reach the goal but don't stress about it!

(27:29) Check-in and know what you need to really show up for your launch and yourself.

(27:40) How am I really feeling about this launch?

(32:45) Besides the tech headaches - I'm still so happy about how my business is thriving and my great yoga teachers who are being my cheerleaders.

(37:17) My next big step: get a pedicure! I'm going to do something I enjoy, drink a glass of wine and take a break from all the lanch stuff for a while. It's important to unplug!


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