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Ep 14: How 1,000+ consecutive days of yoga can help business goals

Updated: Jan 20

Ep 14: How 1,000+ consecutive days of yoga can help business goals

Today I’m talking with a yoga teacher (and pastor) that blew me away with the story of how he has a streak going of over 1,000 days of doing yoga. As soon as I heard this story, I knew I had to know more. So I got him on the podcast so I could ask the questions that immediately popped into my mind when I heard “1000 days of yoga”.

Key Takeaways:

(02:49) Meet my guest, John Arnold: a yoga teacher AND a pastor!

(08:20) When we recorded this, John began building an online community for Christian yogis to come together.

(09:45) John combined his two passions, ministry and yoga.

(10:26) John has been practicing yoga consecutively for over ONE THOUSAND DAYS.

(11:22) John started out with no particular goal.

(12:44) He started by tongue and cheek celebrating on Facebook his 2 and 3-day "yoga streaks". 3 days turned to a week-long goal which turned to a 10-day goal...

"A streak begins with the next day - just add one more day." - John

(14:15) When starting out with goal-setting, a big mistake is being too vague.

(15:48) The "S.M.A.R.T. goal" formula: S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-relevancy, T-timebound.

(21:00) A touch on my "good, better and best" goal-setting style.

(23:11) Another thing John sees people fail to do all the time is getting work down to a micro-action level. "List building" isn't a specific task - it's an overall project.

(27:47) Inside Asana, Amanda makes sure to write her tasks with action words. Example: write tomorrow's email.

"Clarity is king when it comes to your goal." - John

(29:30) Use recurring systems: aka journaling, daily goal setting.

(31:53) John noticed an increase follow-through of his goals when he began sitting down to do "weekly reviews" of his goals.

(35:11) One of the last things John does when he creates his goal is to think of what his "pain strategy" is - in the worst-case scenario, what can he do to pull off his goal?

"How can you modify to meet the demands of this moment? - John

(44:07) Your next big step, declare your next SMART goal.




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