Ep. 24: How to market yourself using your energy - with Veronica Thai

In this episode, I’m joined by the host of the Curious Monki podcast, Veronica Thai.

We talk about how using your energy as a marketing tool can up level your authenticity and sense of fun.

There are many marketing tools you can have in your tool belt as a yoga teacher, but the number one tool you have is your energy. The energy you bring to your marketing efforts will determine how you show up to other people.

Today I’ll share how Veronica helped me feel fired up to do even more of what I love and tap into that positive, confident energy!

Market in a way that’s energetically right for you

Are your marketing efforts working against your personality?

If you're introverted as a person, you draw energy from alone time. If that’s the case for you, it doesn't make sense that you would go out to large networking events back to back. It doesn't mean you never go, it just means that you are paying attention to your energy and you're not going to deplete yourself.

If you're going to a big networking event, make sure that you have some downtime, and space the events out in the month.

Take whatever you need to recover; a bubble bath, or read. Avoid dinner with friends after, or going on social media.

Be playful - stretch your way to success

Veronica talks about a playful mindset helping us to challenge ourselves to reach the next level… if we can get past our own fear.

“Play isn't mindless… when you watch children or animals play, they try to stretch themselves, for the challenge.” - Veronica

Know yourself - find the sweet spot

In yoga, we call it ‘finding your edge’. Only you know when you can go a little further and challenge yourself, and when your reluctance is telling you to stop for good reason.

It’s the same principal in marketing yourself, authentically--it affects everything.

For example, you need to be confident and strong when you communicate your class prices to somebody. If you’re apologetic, or you lack excitement about what you’re offering, your energy is telling you (and the other person) ‘this isn’t the right path to follow’.

When that happens, take a step back, and watch what lights you up. What are you excited to pursue? The answer to that question is the game changer.

“Your energy is different when you're teaching something that you're passionate about.” - Amanda

Listen to your intuition

Veronica has worked with Oprah’s life coach, Martha Beck, to learn how to better use her intuition. She describes intuition as a kind of magic that happens when you dive deep into the layers of your own internal world.

Some of the ideas Veronica uses come from Byron Katie, who she discovered when she was doing her yoga teacher training.

The basic idea is this; our thoughts are what causes our suffering.

So your thought of ‘Oh my gosh, no one is going to show up at my class’ is the thing causing the suffering. And at the heart of this is a fear that you will be rejected. Your fear may be so strong that it stops you putting the posters up, and even trying to start the class in the first place.

Veronica suggests a way out of this fear is to flip it around and question ‘why wouldn’t people reject me if I started a new class?’ She suggests to ask your brain to find answers which challenge your fear - and support your growth.

“Your original logic might completely reject it. But play around and just allow it. Maybe it's something that their people would be interested in, and it just shows that they support the community.” - Veronica

Let your body make your marketing decisions

You need to discern between the energy of ‘this isn't for me’ and ‘this is fear holding me back’. It feels different, and you can start to tune into how it feels for you.

For Veronica, if she feels like she is sinking in quicksand, she knows it's fear holding her back.

On the other hand, when she is certain that something is not right for her, there's no cringing or constriction. It's feels like truth, and there’s simply nothing else to it.