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Business vs Personal Instagram Account: Should you make the switch?

If you want to establish your personal brand and get your name out there - it’s time to step up your Instagram game! With over 800 million users on the platform, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to get your message across and connect with your audience. Maybe you’re already active on Instagram but are you using it to your full personal brand potential? Time to elevate!

With two types of profiles, business and personal, Instagram makes it easier than ever to engage with your audience, share your story and grow your brand. While there are fantastic reasons to keep your Instagram profile as personal (especially if you want to keep your account private), here are some reasons why I highly recommend you switching over or setting up a new business account and a step-by-step guide on how to get it set up!

Why you should be using an Instagram business profile

Switching over to an Instagram business account will set you up with a whole new bag of tools to help you understand your brand, your visibility and have better control of your account. Even if you choose not to activate all of the special features provided by a business account, there may be a day when you decide to use the power of the business account to further your account reach. Here are the main reasons why you should switch to an Instagram business account:

Instagram Insights

The main difference between a personal and business Instagram account profile is the awesome (and free) analytic breakdown regarding your audience! Located right there in the app — no other subscriptions to other fancy programs needed.

Instagram Insights are a game changer when marketing yourself or your business on Instagram! Instagram’s analytics show detailed audience demographics such as age, gender and where in the world they’re viewing your profile — even down to the exact city! One of the most useful analytics shows when your audience is most active on the app — more engagement, anyone?

Gone are the days of trying to decide when the best time to post on Instagram for more double-taps, comments and visibility. Pop into your insights to see what day and time your audience is on the app and start posting your beautiful images then. Watch your brand awareness and engagement skyrocket now that you have a better understanding of your audience. These free analytics alone are a good enough reason to switch to a business profile!

Instagram ads and promotion

You may not be ready to invest in Instagram ads and boosted posts yet, but when you switch over to a business profile you at least have the potential ability. Instagram ads and promotions are just as powerful as Facebook ads — especially when you target them to a specific audience.

Instagram ads can be featured in stories or in the feed as photos, carousels or videos. With many options to spread brand awareness, Instagram ad promotions are a fantastic way to grow your following and can only be switched on for those with business profiles.

Contact button

Make it easier for people to get in contact with you! When you switch over to a business profile, your profile features a “contact” button right on your profile! You no longer have to direct them to a link in your bio to get in touch.

With one simple tap on the screen, your audience can email you, dial a phone call with you or you’re able to provide them with a map showing your location. Choose whichever type of communication you prefer for a more simple way for your followers to get in contact with you.

Profile optimization

When your Instagram account is a business profile, you’re also able to customize your profile more than a personal account.

For instance, you’re able to specify what industry you’re in — making your profile visitors quickly understand what you do and what you can provide. You can specify categories such as Books and Magazines, Public Person, Brands and Products, Local Business and so on. After you select your category you can niche down even further to what best fits you and your business. That’s what appears on your Instagram bio!

Connection to business Facebook page

Another great reason to use a business account is the ability to connect with your business page on Facebook. When you connect your business Instagram account with your business page on Facebook you are able to quickly cross-post your content from Instagram to Facebook.

Takes a step out of your already busy content management schedule!

How to set up or change your personal profile to an Instagram business profile

*You can watch the video tutorial on how to go through this process for FREE! This is the first module of my online course Intentional Instagram and the module is a free preview so go check it out! *

If you’re convinced that a business profile is where you should be for your own brand, here’s a step by step way set up a new business account or make the switch from a personal account to business.

Set Up A New Business Account on Instagram

  1. Download the Instagram App and follow the prompts to set up a Business Account

Change from Personal to A Business Account

  1. Go to the Instagram app and click on your profile image (bottom right of screen)

  2. Click on 3 lines (top right) in profile

  3. Tap “Settings” when the new screen opens (bottom of the screen)

  4. Tap “Switch to Business Profile” under “Account” options

  5. Follow the prompts from Instagram

There you have it! You’re ready to step up your Instagram game and grow your brand and audience. Having an optimized Instagram business profile is a great way to get you there!

Interested in more ways to grow your brand and connect with your audience through a more Intentional Instagram?

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Prepare for growth, friends! It's coming!

Amanda McKinney

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