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It’s Sharing, Not Selling: Be Confident In Your Marketing Words

Today I’m talking about how to be confident with your marketing words when you’re sharing (not selling) your offers!

You’ve heard me say this before and I’ll say it again: words are hard! We’re yoga teachers and most likely didn’t go to school for marketing or business. Sales jargon and tactics are beyond us...nor are we interested in them.

I promise using the right words gets easier!

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Once you make the mindset shift of “I’m sharing! Not selling” you’ll grow more confident with your marketing words. The idea of selling is so “icky” to us. Again, we signed up to help people through yoga...not be slimy salesmen!

Think about it like this..

If you didn’t share what you have to offer, it’s a disservice to the students you have. How else are they supposed to know about the headstand workshop you're hosting if you don't tell them? Again, it’s sharing...not selling!

Another way to think about this: do you get offended or upset when your friends recommend something to you? Maybe their new favorite restaurant or a recipe they love? Perhaps a book they just finished? Are you upset about that?

No way! They’re recommending (or sharing) something because they think it will help you.

That’s what you’re doing for your students. You’re simply recommending something that could help them. Starting to feel more comfortable now?

Think of it like a party. You can’t enjoy yourself and have the best night/day of your life if you weren’t invited in the first place!

Invite people to your party!

Whether it’s a workshop, a conference, a private session...if you don’t SHARE your offerings how are people supposed to know!?

The easiest way to share and not sell…

Is to focus on the benefits and not the features.

We tend to focus on the features of something instead of the benefits. What’s more important — the fact that it’s a 75 minute class or that your students will walk out with less tension in their back? Personally, I'd be sold on the less tension in my back portion. I'm there!

Look at this chart as an example. Learn how you can change your marketing words to reveal the benefits instead of features.

Make a list of the features first, then identify the benefit of that feature and talk about that.

Specifically think about the emotion they’ll feel once they’ve completed the offering. How will they walk out of the studio feeling? What will change in their lives or practice after your offering?

Your Next Best Step

Put my theory to the test!

Talk to 2 different people today about an offer of yours. With one person, list the features and with the other focus on the benefits. See what the reaction is to both of these conversations. If you’re willing to share, let me know! Email me, DM me on social media, comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you about this.

Until next time, give yourself permission to share and not sell and grace along the way.


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