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Ep. 35: Fill your offering with sticky notes like Lindsay Pemble

Updated: Jan 20

“I took a lesson from you and I wanted to share how grateful I was. [The sticky note method] really works and I will continue to use it.” - Lindsay

When we set goals in life, whether it be to have a yoga practice daily, to have 3 private yoga clients or to eat healthy, it’s usually tough to achieve the goal. It’s a journey and it takes time.

In my business, I came across the idea of using post it notes to set my goals and really visualize the outcome. It has transformed my business and I’ve shared this method with my students, friends and on the podcast. And by sharing this method on the podcast, it has now impacted other businesses, and Lindsay Pemble is one of them. Her story is inspiring and I’m so grateful that she reached out to share this with me.

Burnout led to becoming a yoga teacher

As a cardiac nurse for more than 12 years, Lindsay was feeling extreme burnout. While she has a true passion for helping people as a nurse, she wasn’t taking care of herself and keeping her body and mind healthy.

“When I became really stressed out as a nurse, I was looking at different avenues, and at that time my lifestyle was very unhealthy as well. I read somewhere that yoga is supposed to help you. So I decided to hop onto a yoga mat and I didn’t like it at first.” - Lindsay

By tapping into her own health journey, she recognized that she wanted to help other nurses be impacted (and helped) by yoga as well. She was witnessing the benefits of yoga and seeing how it could help her friends and colleagues too. And just like you had the moment of realization, Lindsay did too. At that moment she realized she wanted to go to yoga teacher training so she could share yoga with more people. And while she didn’t declare her niche at that moment, it was clear that she wanted to work with other nurses in order to help them.

“Yoga saved my nursing career. So I went to yoga teacher training because I wanted to become a yoga teacher to help nurses stay in the profession. So that’s what I did. I started a business called Yoga Health Nurse and I keep nurses in nursing by teaching them how to live a life of yoga.” - Lindsay

After graduating from YTT, she struggled with the idea of niching down because she knew that yoga could help anyone and everyone. She related this to the journey she took as a nurse when she niched down from being a general nurse, to a cardio nurse, to even further niched down as a heart failure nurse. She saw how she was able to learn more in one area and affect lives in a big way because she was specialized but even with that experience, it was still tough for her to niche down as a yoga teacher.

If you’re struggling with niching down in this moment, ask yourself the two questions that Lindsay asked herself as she was struggling with this:

  • What am I most called to?

  • What population can I serve best at this moment?

The Sticky Note Method to Filling Your Offerings

Lindsay was looking to learn about how to market her business and found my podcast and listens on her commute to her nursing job. And one episode talked about using sticky notes to fill a yoga offering. I was specifically talking about filling my membership at the time but related it to how yoga teachers could use this method as well. And Lindsay took matters into her own hands immediately!

“I came home that day and put 20 sticky notes on an old cork board because that was my goal for my membership...And every time I put up a sticky note there as a positive affirmation, I was sending the universe a positive vibe saying ‘okay, send me the sticky note person’, there’s going to be a name on this. It was a great visual tool.” - Lindsay

Then each day during her launch of her membership she looked at the sticky notes and it was a motivating factor to keep marketing. She shared pictures of the the sticky notes and it helped her talk about her offering on social media. It helped her members visualize themselves inside the membership because she was writing their names down on the sticky notes.

Steps to following the sticky note method:

Step 1: Declare your goal

What’s your goal for your yoga offering? Is it 10 people in a workshop, 30 people in a class, 5 private yoga clients. You can use this method for any yoga offering you have.

Step 2: Get the sticky notes ready for names

You can use standard sized notes or small sticky notes, whatever works for you or whatever you have on hand. The idea is to place the sticky notes where you will see them daily. You can put them on a cork board, your wall, your mirror, in your planner, on your computer screen. You name it, you can do it. The key is to see them daily.

Step 3: Write names as you fill your offering (and celebrate!)

As you welcome people who registered for your class, or your private sessions are scheduled, write the names down on the sticky note. You saved that space for that person and now they have claimed it! Make sure to celebrate this step!

Creating a Membership

Once Lindsay niched down to serve nurses as a yoga teacher, it was time to figure out how to serve them. And just like you, she had to start with some ideas but it all became clearer when she started to talk with more nurses and really listen and interpret what they could use in their lives.

“I wanted to get nurses on the mat because I feel like if you can give somebody the experience, the feelings, the actions work better when you can connect them to emotion. So I wanted to give them that experience.” - Lindsay

As she began talking to nurses, she was looking for a few pieces of information. You can use this same list to start talking with your dream student to learn about how you can serve them best:

  • What makes me different from other yoga teachers?

  • What type of yoga offering would help you experience relief in your day?

  • How and where do you like to practice yoga?

  • What questions do you have about practicing yoga?

  • What would you pay for?

As Lindsay had these conversations and read between the lines of her nurse friends words, she realized that nurses needed a recipe for yoga. They wanted to show up somewhere online and be guided through a class.

From there she took that information and created an online course for nurses. She launched it 3 times successfully but each time she ended the online course, she and her nurses wanted more. So the membership idea was born.

Again, Lindsay moved forward and took action and created an online membership for nurses. She put a ton of yoga videos onto a platform and anyone in the membership had access. While the nurses liked the videos, it was overwhelming for them overall. So she took this feedback and adjusted the membership again, catering to her audience’s needs.

“I need to listen to my people and what they need.” - Lindsay

Now, inside her membership (Yoga Health Nurse) she has a monthly theme where she provides 4 to 5 things per month related to that theme. There are of course yoga classes but also some community-focused items as well. Through receiving feedback she found that the nurses wanted easy-to-access yoga classes but also a place where they could go and connect with other nurses. So in addition to her paid membership she also has a free Facebook Group as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the process Lindsay used and you can use too as you’re developing your yoga offerings:

  1. Listened and interpreted what nurses needed

  2. Created an offering with a willingness to evolve

  3. Adjust based on feedback

Lindsay’s Membership for Nurses

Check it out and send it to your nurse friends! Share the love!

Celebrating the little wins in life

We often don’t take the time to celebrate the little wins in life. Lindsay shares a valuable lesson with her story.

“As a nurse, it’s important because when you’re in such a stressful profession, tell your nurse that you appreciate them or tell each other you appreciate them if they’ve brightened your day or something. That and entrepreneurship is no joke.” - Lindsay

Your next step

Reach out to one person and tell them they have impacted your life. Tell them why, what you did and how it impacted you and your life.

About Lindsay Pemble

Lindsay is a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner and founder of YogaHealth Nurse. Her mission is to teach nurses how to be resilient plus feel ease, love and joy through living a life of yoga. Lindsay was ready to hang up her stethoscope, just 3 years after starting her career due to stress and compassion fatigue. Looking for help, she stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time in 2010 and experienced a holistic transformation that saved her true calling. She is now the nurse taking care of nurses to make sure they nama-stay in nursing.

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