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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Experience


Article Summary

If you're looking to grow your business, one place to focus on is your customer experience. It's likely that you're thinking of creating a new offering but instead you could amplify your experience and gain more clients. My guest today, Ernesto Mandowsky, shares how his experience in the restaurant industry has influenced his approach to customer experience and he has 5 specific tips for you. Throughout the conversation he shares these specific ideas with you that you can implement today and why they matter. You'll walk away inspired to upgrade your customer experience, impact more lives and create scalable systems all along the way.


  • Entrepreneurship is a journey of self-development and personal growth.

  • Creating a connection with customers and understanding their needs is crucial for a great customer experience.

  • Small gestures, such as welcome gifts, can make a big impact on the customer experience.

  • Implementing effective systems and processes is key to scaling your business and ensuring smooth operations.

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #238). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 238: [Ernesto Mandowsky] 5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Experience


5 Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Experience

1 - Understand Who You're Working With

You need to build connection and truly understand why they are looking for your solution.

"When you look at a restaurant, what is one of the first things that the waitress or the server will ask you? It's going to be something like, oh, what brought you in tonight? Why are you here? What are you celebrating? Because they want to understand so they can help you in the best way." - Ernesto Mandowsky

2 - Send Welcome Gifts

Showing your appreciation for the client working with you goes a long way and starts the relationship in a great place.

"In a restaurant, when you're at a fine dining restaurant, you receive (the French word is) an amuse-bouche, which is a gift from the chef to warm up the taste buds. Or maybe a welcome cocktail. These are different ways that you invite the guests as soon as they're seated." - Ernesto Mandowsky

3 - Present Your Brand Proudly

You want to really demonstrate the vibrancy, uniqueness of your brand in a consistent way so that it's memorable.

"You know there are restaurants that have a great vibe when you walk in and then the next time you see an ad for that place you remember that feeling. It's the branding that brought you back to the experience and if it wasn't consistent you wouldn't have that feeling." - Amanda McKinney

Restaurant table with two chairs in front of a window with a city view

4 - Ensure Prompt Follow Up

They say "the fortune is in the follow up" and it's true. You have to have a system for keeping track of follow ups needed because otherwise you'll lose clients.

"When you're at a restaurant, the server is checking in on you every 15 minutes. You might not need anything, but they're checking in. They're showing up." - Ernesto Mandowsky

5 - Demonstrate Your Values

Taking the time to identify your company core values and then actually living them out is one of the best ways to ensure loyalty and referrals from clients.

"If you know a restaurant has Michelin Star you expect a certain level of experience and the same can go for your company. When you say your value is flexibility, your offerings need to meet your customers where they are." - Ernesto Mandowsky

Take Away Message / Action

You don't always have to create something new to increase revenue in your business. Sometimes it's better to take a look at what you have and give it an upgrade. Chances are your customer experience could use a little TLC so take an honest look and then implement these tips so you can see a higher return on your conversions. Plus when you do this, you're also creating scalable systems that can help you grow in many ways.

Until next time give yourself permission to upgrade your experience and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Ernesto:

Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors, where he designs systems to improve revenue, referrals, and retention. With over a decade of building systems for startups, family-owned businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, Ernesto has designed the Six Pillar (6P) System to optimize your organization. As the host of the Regenerate Your Business Podcast, Ernesto shares wisdom from leaders who continuously reinvigorate their teams while increasing impact around the world through their unique offerings. When he's not working, he enjoys reading, going to CrossFit, and baking challah.

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Ep. 238: [Ernesto Mandowsky] 5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Experience

"When I teach concepts like customer journey or creating contracts in your boundaries, I use metaphors from the restaurant industry because people understand it."

- Ernesto Mandowsky


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