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Ep 9: Behind the Scenes: Planning For A Launch

Ep 9: Behind The Scenes: Planning For A Launch

Have you thought of taking your yoga classes online? If you have then you know the term launch and it might scare you a bit. I know it can seem really overwhelming to me even. But you can actually use the concept of launching with in person events too. And that’s what I’m talking about today, planning for a launch.

Key Takeaways:

(02:88) What is a "launch"?

(02:55) I'm launching this month, follow me along during the month of September!

(04:13) What my enrollment times will be/how it relates to your yoga workshops.

"When you launch something and it goes better than you expected - set your goals high!"

(07:47) What are you going to offer? What are you launching?

(08:15) The details I knew before I started my launch plan.

(09:28) Step #1: Set your goals. (Good, better & best goals)

(10:25) My "good" goal for my launch: 100 members. My "better" goal: 150 members. My "best" goal is 200.

(13:05) All about my Post-It system! (You should do it too!)

(14:08) Step #2: Brain dump all your ideas.

(15:13) My initial brain dump list.

(16:10) Step #3: Figuring out all the details for your ideas.

"If there's anything I know about goal-setting is that a goal is a dream on purpose."

(16:39) Get very clear and detailed when planning this out.

(17:10) How I got clear on my initial affiliate program. A list of the to-dos for this task.

(18:50) How to not get overwhelmed by the inevitably long to-do list ahead of you.

(20:58) Step #4: Get it on a calendar.

(23:32) Don't forget to add your to-dos to your calendar - not just your open enrollment dates!

(24:06) Batchwork similar tasks.

(24:43) Take some time off after your launch!

(26:30) Things are already changing along the way - be flexible!

(27:05) Step #5: Get to work!

(29:05) Your next best step: get your launch details down and identify your dream student.



How well do you know your dream student?

Get my free guide on niching down to learn more about your dream student so you can have her/him filling your classes or workshops or online offerings!


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