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Navigating The Transition From Corporate To Entrepreneurship

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Being an entrepreneur can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, it's important to navigate the ups and downs with confidence and purpose. In this blog post, we'll explore the joys and struggles of entrepreneurship and share some practical tips to help you navigate this exciting adventure.


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**This was also a podcast episode (episode #216). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.


Transitioning From Corporate To Entrepreneurship, The Honest Truth

If you're transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, you may find the change daunting. The structured routine and clear roles of the corporate world can be comforting, but starting your own business requires a different approach. Embrace the shift from following a script to being the one who gets to choose. Trust your instincts and learn to make decisions faster to get things done.

"Yeah. So, my story is definitely an accidental story of entrepreneurship. I didn't have ambition to be an entrepreneur."— Nicola Mercer

"And so then I did start to feel pressure because it looked as though everybody else had it nailed."— Nicola Mercer

Overcoming Perfectionism As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs often struggle with perfectionism, striving for excellence in every aspect of their business. While attention to detail is important, it's crucial to find a balance and avoid getting caught up in minor details. Learn from the experience of our guest and catch yourself when you start overly obsessing with perfection. Instead, focus on taking small steps and making progress towards your goals.

However, one of the greatest rewards of being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to make your own decisions. Making choices for yourself and your business can be empowering and allow you to shape your own path. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

"But I will say it's something that does get so much easier, much faster than what I ever expected. And one of the things that I have changed the most about how I work and operate, and that I've enjoyed the fact I've changed that, is that I do make decisions much faster."— Nicola Mercer

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Discovering Your True Passion To Guide Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Finding your passion and purpose as an entrepreneur can be a journey in itself. Just like our guest, you may not have a clear direction initially. The key is to take action and step through the process, even without having all the answers. Stay open to new possibilities, and your passion will reveal itself along the way.

As Nicola was making the leap into entrepreneurship, she was asked these questions and suggest that you do this as well:

4 Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. Think about the skillset you have. What can you do that you're good at naturally from a hard skills point of view?

  2. What do you enjoy doing?

  3. If you're in a current job or have had jobs in the past, ask yourself what about that job(s) did you enjoy or about the company's mission?

  4. What inspires you?

"Actually, maybe these things I'm thinking about could combine together and be a real business."— Nicola Mercer

Tips As You Transition From Corporate To Entrepreneurship

Build A Supportive Network:

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely at times, especially if you miss the camaraderie of teammates in a corporate setting. Building a supportive network of like-minded individuals is crucial for your wellbeing and success. Surround yourself with people who understand the entrepreneurial journey and can provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability.

Prioritize Your Wellness:

Running a business can be all-consuming, but it's important to prioritize your well-being. Physical activity, healthy eating, and stress reduction strategies should be incorporated into your routine. Cultivating a healthy work-life balance will not only benefit your health but also enhance your productivity and overall satisfaction.

"You know, I've had to learn and think about what habits to prioritize next to help reduce some of that stress, the worry."— Nicola Mercer

Redefine Success On Your Terms:

Success is not just about achieving goals; it's about how those achievements make you feel. Rather than focusing solely on the outcome, tap into the feeling of success throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Celebrate milestones, acknowledge your growth, and enjoy the process of building your business. Remember, it's not just about the destination — it's about the journey.


*Not sure how you define success? Download my free guide and follow the simple steps.


Take Away Message / Action

Entrepreneurship is a thrilling adventure that comes with its fair share of challenges. As you navigate this path, embrace the power of decision making, overcome perfectionism, and discover your passion and purpose. Build a supportive network and prioritize your wellness along the way. And most importantly, redefine success by savoring the journey and the feeling of accomplishment. Enjoy every moment of being an entrepreneur, and remember that your unique journey is what makes it truly worthwhile.

Until next time, give yourself permission to follow your true passion and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon!

About Nicola:

Nicola is a transformational health coach helping to build confidence and self-worth using her framework of mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep and stress. A certified health coach and qualified personal trainer with over twenty years of expertise in one of the world's largest sports brands, she combines her corporate leadership experience with her own journey of mental and physical health challenges to support others to build sustainable habits and thrive in life. She is driven to change the narrative of what health is really about to normalize healthy habits so kids grow up valuing themselves to live with health and happiness.

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Ep. 216: From Corporate To Accidental Entrepreneurship with Nicola Mercer

"And so then I did start to feel pressure because it looked as though everybody else had it nailed."

— Nicola Mercer


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