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Create A Quiz Using AI In Just 2 Minutes & Grow Your Email List & Business

Updated: Mar 25


Article Summary

In this article, Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact, a quiz software company, shares openly about the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship. Josh was on the podcast in 2020 and we talk about all that's changed at Interact including how they've built a team (with no investment), continued to focus on not just results for customers but also a culture of the team as it's grown and how "egolessness" was at the heart of it all. We talk about the iterative process of evolving a business, intrinsic motivation and the significance of cherishing the early days of business.

Plus we talk about the new product interact has: InteractAI which allows you to create a quiz in under 2 minutes using the power of AI!


  • Focus and continuous improvement are key to success in entrepreneurship.

  • Leaders should foster an egoless culture and guide their teams towards their goals.

  • Iterative processes are essential for implementing new technologies and improving products.

  • Intrinsic motivation and valuing internal growth are crucial for long-term success.

  • Cherishing the early days of iteration and being adaptable are important for building a strong foundation.

  • How you can build a quiz to grow your email list (and business) in under 2 minutes through the power of AI!

**This was also a podcast episode (episode #234). If you'd like to listen to this conversation, use the link below.

Ep. 234: [Josh Haynam] Beyond Quizzes: From 1 to 7,000 Clients - Nurturing Entrepreneurial Success


"Focus on what matters and continue to get better at it day-by-day." - Josh Haynam

How To Use AI To Build A Quiz To Grow Your Email List & Business

InteractAI is a fantastic quiz software that saves you time and allows you to focus on the tasks you need to do, rather than overthinking quiz questions. All you to do is input your url and it will take the content on your website and create the quiz for you. Oh the power of AI and how much time it saves you!

"My mind is blown! It saves so much time and saves me from overthinking all the words in the quiz. It's incredible!" - Amanda McKinney

Quiz Creation Options with InteractAI:

  • Put in your URL and get a quiz in 2 minutes

  • Input your quiz idea and specific words you want to include and get a quiz in 2 minutes

  • Input specific questions or results and it will create the quiz in 2 minutes

GIF - shows someone entering a url and then it populates a quiz

"Sometimes you have an idea and sometimes you have no idea but we work with it all." - Josh Haynam

How To Market/Promote Your Quiz To Grow Your Email List & Business

Interact has many helpful articles and videos to support you in not only creating the quiz but also promoting it others.


Additionally, I talked to Josh about how Interact has grown over the past several years and he had some great nuggets of wisdom to share with us!

Focus Will Lead To Results

"What we were able to do was to come in and focus on what we needed to get done." - Josh Haynam

"We can't control what's happening in the economy but we can focus on our craft and serving our customers." - Josh Haynam

"Staying focused and not getting caught up in other things has really helped our company. We just focus on getting better." - Josh Haynam

"We can get really caught up in what's not working, staying focused is the key to making better progress towards your goal." - Amanda McKinney

"Dialed in is a great term. Our focus has really sharpened over the years. We know that everything we're doing is leading to a positive outcome for the company and the team overall." - Josh Haynam

"Everyone on the team has looked at everything they do, the part of the process they own. And removed anything that was noise." - Josh Haynam

Ownership Leads To Results & Business Growth

"Each person is running their own area and responsible for a specific area." - Josh Haynam

"Having a broad context around what works for us, what works historically, what are the things we can rely on working. Basically, what do we know for a fact that will work and make that the baseline. Even if it doesn't scale at first...we can work the kinks out later." - Josh Haynam

"Don't be afraid to iterate and make changes in the beginning of your business." - Josh Haynam

"People feel confident when they do something and it makes money or they gain more customers. It's an external signal of success. But sometimes you're doing something smart behind the scenes that you won't see the results of that work for months or years in the future." - Josh Haynam

"Learn to value both. You do need the things that will grow your revenue and customer base but you also need the things that make the foundations strong so you can handle the influx later." - Josh Haynam

"Where are you getting your sense of confidence and self-worth? If it's only from external stimuli, and you're not building the muscle of enjoying the process of getting better at your craft, it's going to be really tough." - Josh Haynam

"The intrinsic part is like the backup generator for when all the extrinsic stuff isn't showing up. It will keep you going." - Josh Haynam

Get Comfortable Receiving Feedback & Iterating To Grow Your Business

"The definition of being humble is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less." - Josh Haynam

"The egolessness of our team is what allows us to be able to do so much." - Josh Haynam

"You're really good at what you do, it just means the approach didn't work. When we all believe that, it allows us to move really rapidly." - Josh Haynam

"The majority of the things we've tried over the years have fallen flat but we learn and try something else. It allows us to move quickly." - Josh Haynam

"Try 10 things and see what works, pick the top two and iterate on those and continue the process. That's how we figure things out." - Josh Haynam

"So many people think things happen fast and it's easy to fall into that trap of thinking when we are trying to create something new but that's not how it works." - Amanda McKinney

"In November of 2022 we were making quizzes for customers manually. The number of iterations on this product is easily in the 1,000's. And the team manually made 2,000+ quizzes. It was a Herculean lift for the team." - Josh Haynam

"But now you can have a quiz created in 2 minutes or less." - Josh Haynam

"It looks simple and polished now but simple is the hardest thing to accomplish." - Josh Haynam

Take Away Message / Action

"Focus on what matters and continue to get better at it day-by-day." - Josh Haynam

That's it. That's what I want to leave you with today because that is what will move the needle forward in whatever you're pursuing at the moment. If you truly focus on the tasks that matter and continue to get better and better, you will see results. Period.

And if the result you're after include growing your email list and your revenue, please do yourself a favor and give InteractAI a try.

All you have to do is go to and you can try it for free but even more, you'll get the behind the scenes info on how I'm using quizzes and have been inspired by people like Jenna Kutcher who also uses Interact!

But until next time give yourself permission to focus on what matters and grace along the way. I'll talk to you soon.

About Josh:

Josh Haynam is the co-founder at Interact, a quiz tool used by over 7,000 of the world's top businesses. Josh co-founded interact in college with two friends 11 years ago and has grown it to over 1 billion quiz takers in total.

Josh's Links:

Other Resources:

Ep. 234 - [Josh Haynam] Beyond Quizzes: From 1 to 7,000 Clients - Nurturing Entrepreneurial Success

"Focus on what matters and continue to get better at it day-by-day."

- Josh Haynam


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