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Ep 16: Impostor Syndrome is a positive thing; my conversation with Mado Hesselink

Ep 16: Impostor Syndrome is a positive thing; my conversation with Mado Hesselink

In this interview with my friend, Mado, we talked about Impostor Syndrome and she surprised me with a super amazing twist on this idea. Are you ready for it --- that Impostor Syndrome is a positive thing. I love it! We approached examples from so many angles and her perspective was amazing. You’re going to love this interview

Key Takeaways:

(02:10) A little bit about Mado.

(08:20) How Mado got into the business side of yoga.

(12:00) Mado discusses the moral integrity of both business and yoga.

(13:30) Mado talks about yoga teachers and their discomfort with the word "marketing".

(14:50) Amanda & Mado discuss being comfortable with being uncomfortable when you first start out telling people what you do.

"Learning about business can actually support, enhance and magnify the power of yoga" -Mado

(20:05) Having imposter syndrome is a good thing!

(22:00) Amanda and Mado discuss why imposter syndrome is positive and the mindset shift to make yourself realize it's not a bad thing.

(22:49) A tip when you feel like someone is giving you praise that is unwarranted: turn it back around on them, give them a compliment.

(25:40) Amanda and Mado discuss the other type of feeling of imposter syndrome that comes when you're by yourself - not being directly complimented by someone.

"If you listen to people at the highest levels of every single field - they all come up against discomfort." - Mado

(28:28) Imposter syndrome around pricing.

(32:20) Focus on connection, communication building relationships - then people will be more understanding of your rates and pricing.

(36:00) Amanda discusses how most yoga teachers won't charge certain prices until they've taken certain training - but the reality is, that training still won't help you be more comfortable with the marketing side.

(40:06) How to embrace and be in a relationship with imposter syndrome.



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